My kdrama/movie list:

Pretty much the purpose of this page is to keep track of which dramas/movies I’ve watched and which ones I’ve fallen in love/hate with.  I hope to keep it relatively up to date.  I’m only going to rate dramas that I’ve finished, and not the ones that I am currently watching…unless I really, really like it.

Anyhoo, here is the list including my rating of the dramas/movies:
(As a disclaimer, this is my own personal enjoyment rating, you may not agree with it.  If you do, great!  If you don’t, great!  If you would like to talk about a certain drama, or would like to recommend one, that’s what the comment box is for ^^  I’ll always reply.)

Finished dramas:

-Dream High  (9/10 – my rating may be a little biased on this one, but this was the drama that got me re-interested in Korean dramas after a several year break…also, I am very much in love with Kim Soo Hyun ^^)

-Lie to Me (7/10 – again a conflicted rating.  I was highly addicted to this drama and I was watching each episode within hours of the English subtitles being released.  I still love it, but feel they could have ended it better.)

My Name is Kim Sam Soon (8/10 – I liked this drama a lot, but I didn’t necessarily love it as most did.)

Baby Face Beauty (7/10 – All I need to say about this drama is Choi Daniel = Sami happy face ^^  He is just so adorkable.  I could have lived without the main girl.)

Witch Yoo Hee (5/10 – One of the reasons I had such a long break between this drama and Dream High.  I lost complete interest in this drama about half way through and had a hard time going back to kdramas [very glad I did though!].)

You’re Beautiful (7/10 – I loved it at the start and was downright addicted.  However, I was one of the tragic Go Mi-nam/Kang Shin-woo shippers, and couldn’t STAND Jang Guen-suk…I still can’t watch him in any other drama/movie without getting upset.  Which is too bad, considering I really wanted to see “You Pet”.)

A Thousand Kisses (6/10 – My longest drama finished to date; a whopping 50 episodes.  I was in love with this series right up to the point where the writers got a warning…after which (last 15-20 episodes) the drama took a drastic turn and I found myself getting frustrated at everyone.)

The King2Hearts (9/10 – love, love, LOVE this drama.  Probably one of my favourite dramas to date!  Lee Seung-gi has never been on my ‘sexy-sexy’ list, but after seeing him in those suits, I made an exception.  Episode 12 was my favourite.)

Personal Preference (7/10 – cute, but I found it haphazard.  Nor am I as bit of a Lee Min-ho fan as some.)

Coffee Prince (9/10 – I came into this one late and really regretted my four year absence from kdramas.  I definitely see why there was so much hype about it.  It is another one of my top dramas.  I developed a massive crush on Gong Yoo.  I swooned at the 44-minute mark on episode 9.)

Big (8/10 – say what you will of it, I really liked this series.  Episode 12?  I loved every minute of that episode.  I may have wanted a bit more from the ending, but regardless, I looked forward to my Mondays and Tuesdays for the entire run.)

Shut Up Flower Boy Band ( 7/10 – This was an awesome drama-crack.  I think I watched seven episodes in one day once I found it.  It lost me towards the end, but I was actually very satisfied with the actual ending [a rarity for me]…also, I think Sung Joon is a really decent actor.  I’m going to keep any eye out for him.)

Ma Boy (7/10 – I probably would have given this an 8 if it has been longer.  Being on a 3-episdoe special, I felt a lot of things were rushed.  I really liked the W-Juliette angle though and thought it was a cute show.)

Oh! My Lady (8.5/10 – I was embarrassingly addicted to this drama…like…I couldn’t stop. Really enjoying this one. It was cute, I didn’t hate the second fe/male leads, and the little girl who played Ye-eun was just the cutest thing ever!  My only complaint was that the last episode felt really rushed to me, and the President and his wife never really got any resolve in my opinion.  Other than that, a nice way to spend 16 hours.)

If you couldn’t tell, I have a thing for happy/cute romcom dramas, but I have a long list of thrillers that I want to start watching. I’m not huge fan of sageuk dramas (historical dramas), but I will watch one if it really intrigues me.

In progress:
Pasta (picked this one up at random on a sicky Sunday and proceeds to watch 6 episodes in a row. I’m rather enjoying it.)
I Love Lee Tae Ri
White Christmas (not finished yet, but that’s only because I’m pacing myself.  This is a 8-episode series, and it is gripping and the suspenseful-mind horror can get to you.  I’m really enjoying it!  Also has Sung Joon in it.)
-The King of Drama
-Cheongdamdong Alice
-Sweet 18/My Little Bride
-The Sun that Embraces the Moon
-Vampire Prosecutor

Movies:  (a significantly sorter list.  I usually can justify an hour episode of something as a break vs. a two hour something)

As One
Finding Mister Destiny
Mr. Idol
Chilling Romance (aka: Spellbound)
She Is On Duty (I really liked this movie!  One of my favourites)
Dancing Queen
-Runway Cop
-Man From Nowhere


(I currently have more than 20 movies on my list ‘to watch’.  Hopefully I’ll get on that.)

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!  Please leave a comment and have a great day!


5 thoughts on “My kdrama/movie list:

  1. Hey. I just come across your page (via “sweet dream” picture) and saw this list. Since I`m drama freak I`m leaving you some recommendation that you may like or not (we`re different but maybe is something appealing for you).
    – Shut up family (its long with episodes but short in time)
    – Flower boy ramyun shop (I will just say – Jung Illwoo)
    – Flower boy next door
    – Iljamae (I know, its historical but its Lee Junki)
    – Sungkyunkwan scandal (another historical…Yo Ahin…with facial hair…hot!)

    Okay, I could list few more but that are those who I loved the most and didn’t see on your list (yet).

    I tried “Man from nowhere”. It took me 2 days with all the brakes in between just to gave up 20 minutes before end….to much thriller for me. *lol*

    • Thanks for all the recommends! I think I’ll need to update my list soon ^^ I’m currently watching Flower Boy Next Door. It’s so cute! Which genre do you prefer watching?

      • Yeah, Yoon Siyoon is so cute in his role. 🙂 I prefer the most romantic comedies, but go sometimes out of the calup if I find something that I think it may be good.

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