How to read Hangul

I recently got asked by a family member how to read all those ‘weird little symbols’ I put in my blog ^^   Well, fear not anonymous relative! Here is the Cole’s Notes version of how to read 한글 (hangul – Korean alphabet).

Courtesy of the interwebs, I’ve found these two useful videos for your convenience!  (Because, let’s face it!  You never would have read a long post on how to read hangul ^^)

Outside of Talk to me in KoreanI think that Professor Oh from sweetandtastyTV (blog found: here, YouTube found: here)  is one of my favourite resources.  Her KWOW (Korean Word of the Week) is completely fantastic!  They’re highly entertaining and you can learn a lot per video.  I had actually learned quite a few interesting things from watching her videos.  Which is why I’m going to use her to videos on learning hangul for this page.

This video is for pronouncing the alphabet.

And this one is for writing it.

Below I’ve included three charts of the 한글 alphabet.  These belong to Joop over at .  These are actually my favourite set of hangul charts that I’ve ever found.  These were the ones I printed out and cut (in cue-card size) to start learning hangul back when I was living in Norway.  Any of the word combinations that have been greyed out are ones that are not used any more.

Good luck!  If you have any questions leave a comment and I’ll try to help with an explanation!  ^^  화이팅!!


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