All about me!

Wow, I haven’t updated this page is so long!  Alas, I am no longer in Korea.  I returned to Canada in Summer of 2013, spent one entire year searching for a new geologist job (to no success), and has in turn decided to say ‘boo to you Canada’ and has cast sails off to the Emerald Isles.

You can follow this blog to see what’s interesting and tasty here in Ireland.

I am a Canadian from the province of Saskatchewan (the only province that is easier to draw than spell).  I am a tea nut, bookworm, tech geek, new garment maker, and a wonderfully rounded nerd with far more graphic novels than any one person really needs (not that that simple fact deters me from buying more). I collect vintage tea cups, notebooks, and between my sister and I we have enough shoes to fill a medium sized store.  I am a cheerful person who is happiest talking  about Korea, Korean pop culture, and which of my many Korean crushes I would run away with first (Tom Hiddleston can come too).



8 thoughts on “All about me!

  1. OMG! I am applying for the winter semester at Sogang and I got accepted as well! Though I got my acceptance email only a few days after I sent the application in! D: But holy cow I am about to send the money and everything as well! I will read all the rest of your posts tomorrow about the process, but looks like we may be in the same program 😀 What level are you trying to get into? 😀 Email me if you want! 😀

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