To the Hook and Ladder


On a bizarre turn of scheduling, Mister S. was off early one Friday afternoon and thusly we decided to go out for lunch.  We have a whole list of places we would like to try/he would like to take me before we leave here, and the one we decided on is the very one we walk by every few days on the way to the Dunnes for groceries…The Hook and Ladder.


The Hook and Ladder is a fairly new shop that’s opened up in Ireland.  With one here in Limerick and another in Waterford.  It’s in one of the old Bank of Ireland buildings.  There are two floors of sitting, with the bottom floor also doubling as their cooking school on certain nights.  You can check out their cooking classes here.


The inside of the shop has a really neat decor, with a mix of shabby chic, and a touch more rustic.  Most of the articles along the walls, in the bookcases, or just sorting sitting around, are all for sale.  The Hook and Ladder is not only a cafe, a cooking school, but also an interior decorating stop.


Like this little guy.  Woot dinosaur!  Unfortunately, at €199 (~$300 CND) he is completely out of my price range.

DSCF5717We arrived at The Hook and Ladder around 11:30am.  A word of caution, their breakfast menu runs until 11:45am, and they won’t even start taking lunch orders until 12pm.  Undeterred, we ordered some coffees and pulled out our computers (our stop after lunch was to go to a coffee shop and get some work done).  Soon lunch rolled around.


They have a decent little menu at The Hook and Ladder with a fair bit of selection and a weekly special (but they don’t do the special on the weekends, from what my eavesdropping tells me).  Also, I just really like the blue roses on the cover.


I ordered the BLT, and it came with a side of crisps with a tiny dab of red pepper aoili (it was the tiniest baby sized dab!  I could have used quiet a bit more).  One thing that’s taking a bit to get used to here in Ireland are the rashers,  aka – Irish bacon.  Essentially it’s thick cut cured bacon, but cut wider than what we get back home.  I like it better than the rind bacon my parents get/used to get whenever they’d get a pink to butcher, but they are still a bit bigger than I’d normally like.  Plus I picked off the fat…but I do that with regular bacon too.  My bacon issues aside, the sandwich was delicious.  They serve it open faced and used olive oil to get the bread crispy.


Mister S. got the special, a Mediterranean vegetable sandwich with halloumi cheese.  His came with a side of salad and a side of coleslaw.  I was a bit envious, mainly because I had wanted this one, but he called dibs.  Oh well, we share our meals anyways so I also got to try some.  His sandwich was a bit mushier than mine, but that was because of the extra moisture from the vegetables.

DSCF5720  All in all we had a great time at The Hook and Ladder.  The chairs were comfy, and the ambiance was nice.  They also didn’t mind you just sitting around.  My only qualm was that the table was a wee-bit too high for me to type comfortably.  Other than that though, it’s a fun place to go for lunch.

Till next time~


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