Care package from Korea!!

It didn"t quiet make it home before I tore into it ^^

It didn’t quite make it home before I tore into it, sorry! ^^

When I first decided to move to Ireland, my good friend Jason (you may remember from from a number of posts) who is still in Korea and I decided to exchange care packages.  And guess what?  Mine just arrived!!  Which was certainly the boost I needed to get off my writer’s block.  I’m now raring to go!

The unboxing!

The unboxing!

DSCF6337I love getting things in the mail!  A part of me things that the main reason I have a mild *cough* online shopping addiction is simply so I can get packages in the mail.  I am just tickled pink!  The first thing I did once I got home was spread out aaaallllll my new goodies!


I can’t believe some of the things Jason thought to send.  I mean, look!!  He sent me a famous webtoon (Korean comics that are posted online first) book called 와라! 편의점 (Wara! Pyonuijeom – Welcome to the Convenience Store).  Yayyy!


On top of the book, he also sent me Korean cosmetic samples, a cute little purse and charm,

DSCF6341cute notebooks, a colour-me-in map, stickers, a happy magnet,


a nifty book on Korean DIY, and a shiney Korean pokemon card (how cool??!!),

DSCF6343-2aaannnndddd some stickers from one of my favourite Korean brands, PonyBrown.  I have had two day planners from that brand and love them to bits.  These stickers are going straight into my planner.  I can’t wait to add them to dates ^^

Thanks Jason!!  I hope your package arrives soon!

Till next time~


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