Taking the Shop out of …well, ‘shop’

2014-08-21 12.57.25

So, technically I actually have two other posts written up and ready to be posted, but I had an experience today that just needed to be shared.  That’s right.  The very minute I got home I immediately turned on my computer and started writing.  You are getting this in as ‘real time’ as possible ^^

So, I’ve been keeping my eyes out for cheap kitchen appliances and other sundries.  Our kitchen came with a few items, but nothing that I usually deem as a ‘requirement for a kitchen’.  One such item was a rice cooker.  Laugh all you will, but when you’re trying to cook rice in a small pot that doesn’t actually have a lid, you get scalded finger tips.

Any hoo, after striking out on adverts.ie (their form of kajiji), googling my question, and reading a few Irish forums, it was the unanimous decision that Argos would have the cheapest option.  Checking the map and finding that there was one on Cruises Street not far from where we live, I set out.

2014-08-20 15.46.26

Now, as soon as I walked in, I knew that this wasn’t quite like any other shop I’ve been too.  The entire place is run on computers!  What you do is go to one of the empty computer monitors, look up what you want to buy, write down the number on your little slip sheet, move to yet another computer ‘self-checkout’ station, pay for your item, noting your number, go to the waiting area by the back counters and await your number being called once they bring your purchases from their holding room.

2014-08-20 15.46.17

This is definetely the first time I’ve ever had this experience.  It’s a bit like online shopping…only instant gratification and no shipping fees.  That said, it’s also a lot like returning a package where you have to wait in a queue and there isn’t really any human interaction.

2014-08-20 15.44.50


All in all?  It was nifty to try, but I’m probably not going to make this Argos my new shopping ground.  Now, I could say it was because I don’t like the mechanics of it…but my online shopping record speaks for itself.  Honestly?  I just like walking into stores and looking at all the things I do not need, things  I should probably buy, and the  ‘omomomom I need to have that right now!’.

Short post, but again, this one was unintentional ^^  Till next time!


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