Limerick a-hoy!


King John’s Castle

I’ve been in Ireland now for enough days to more or less over come my jetlag.  I have yet to be able to overcome my rattling cough thanks to the frequent downpours of rain due to Hurricane Bertha.  But on the other hand, how cool is that?  I get to experience a hurricane without having to go through any overtly dangerous conditions!


Picture for posterity ^^

So, here I am…  Sitting here in my apartment listening to the current onslaught of rain, drinking instant coffee I brought back from Korea, eating Japanese milk pocky I bought in Cork, but was imported from Thailand, and marvelling at my €1.50 Kitty nails I bought at the Penny’s (more to come on that later….let’s just say it has a place next to Daiso in my heart).  So, in lieu of trying to convert my resume to Irish standards, I’m going to tell you about my first weekend here in Limerick.


The apartment!  You have no idea how exciting the concept of not having to stay in a hostel is.  Added to the fact that there is even a guest room, it is a pretty neat place.  Granted there are some dings on the walls and and some of teaspoons have a funny discolorations, but what can you do? ^^ I’ll be taking more in depth photos later on of the place.  Nifty fact?  The apartment is on TWO levels!

caught on the edge of Bertha

Trapped by Bertha

We had pretty good weather in Limerick on Saturday…at least for the most part.  We were caught by the edge of Hurricane Bertha.  It poured steadily for about half an hour.  Everyone took refuge beneath any sort of awning that they could.

Limerick Milk Market

Limerick Milk Market



Dry cured meats!! Yay!

On Saturdays in Limerick, there is this nifty farmers market place called The Milk Market.  It’s a mostly covered area that hosts a plethora of stalls holding all sorts of delicious and wonderful looking morsels!


A novel little idea. They were only open on weekends during the summer, and they just set up shop in an out of business stores

After the milk market and my purchase of €10 worth of tea (yeah…tea addiction is not going away) we stumbled across the Limerick chapter of the Pop-Up Museum.  This branch was set up in a now out-of-business butchers shop.  It was only going to be there from June through to August, so lucky day that we found it!  It included the history of Limerick through the Georgian period (1691-1840).  It is so hard for me to comprehend the length of history.  I mean, my home town of Kelliher only just recently celebrated its 100th birthday.  This little museum was there to credit 150 years of Limerick history, and that isn’t even including the next 175 years to get it to present!


Mister S. named him George

Because it was in a butcher’s shop they decided to bring this…interesting (re: creepy to me) little fellow.

Because I’m going to be here for the year, I am going to hold off writing about absolutely everything that we did that first day…I’m going to need things to fill this blog throughout the year ^^  I’m going to finish today’s post off with something else neat that we did my first day in Limerick.

Limetree Theatre

Limetree Theatre

We attended a small cast musical at the Limetree Theatre (it used to be called the Belltable Arts Centre).  It was called ‘When Midnight Strikes‘.  Tickets were super cheap! At €10 (~$15 CND) it was a deal.  It was quite a neat little production put on by NMT (New Musical Theatre) Productions in association with Honest Arts.  It featured 12 cast members from Limerick and the surrounding regions.    Many of them were actually very good!  My personal favourite was Bradley, the gay room-mate of the main character’s sister.  He had some of the funniest lines in the play and never stopped making you laugh.  But a close second was Edward, the geeky computer genius who had a hard time adjusting to party life (also, big kudos to that actor.  He did an excellent portrayal!)

Till next time!


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