I swear I’m not dead…

Lovely Dublin on a grey afternoon

Lovely Dublin on a grey afternoon


…though on this blog it certainly seems like I am!  I just cannot believe that I have not only been away from Korea for one whole year…I also haven’t touched my blog since returning to Canada!  For shame Samantha, for shame!  I could dispair you with the tales of my woe; regale you with how I was unable to find a job related to geology thanks to the decrease in the economic market or how I spent the last year living in a sort of minimum wage limbo neither here nor there.  But I will not!  Instead I have some breaking news…

I’m off to Ireland.

Just a going away picture with my (from left to right) mum, sister Ashley, grandparents, me (with new hair), Aunty Rita, and sister Terra

Just a going away picture with my (from left to right) mum, sister Ashley, grandparents, me (with new hair), Aunty Rita, and sister Terra.

A new year (kinda), a new country, new blog template, and a new haircut.  I am ready to get out of my slump and be an adult (sorta).

Joking aside, this year had involved a lot of flip flopping around.  I was torn between going back to Korea and facing the fact that I couldn’t find a job here in Canada or sticking around and keep passing out my resume to what ever job posting I could find.  After a solid year of job searching however, with innumerable resumes and applications set (to who knows even how many companies…though 39 required creating a user name), being called to only 3 interviews, and more than my fair share of soul crushing  (Okay, I may dispair you a wee little bit), I was ready for a change.

Now it may not be Korea, which does in a way break my heart.  I miss Korea almost every day in some way or another.  I miss all of the lovely friends I made there.  I miss practising and hearing Korean language all around me (of which I have definitely lost some of my ability).  And I most definitely miss the pure abundance of Korean food! (though I have added some new Korean recipes to my cooking my arsenal).  I long to return to that wonderful country, but the prospect of teaching English has held me back.  Daunted by the fact that this is the only kind of work I could do there, as well as that this year had seen me fall upon old habits, I feared that returning to Korea would only enforce those same old habits.  It’s time for something new!  When Mr. S (you may remember him from here) had teased that I should just quit my job and come and hang out in Ireland with him for his last year in Ireland, he didn’t know that I might actually take him up on that.

Some research later and a $425 application fee later, I registered for SWAP.  SWAP, or SWAP Working Holidays is a work visa geared towards adults under the age of 31 to work in other countries around the world.  After a harrowing year of working minimum wage, I figured why not work minimum wage and get to live in a different country?  (Bringing up the total of ‘countries I’ve lived in to 4, bam.)

A part of me really really wanted to surprise Mr. S by taking him to the airport and pulling out my bag as well, but that would have been far to tricky.  After all we had much we needed to discuss before actually doing it, such as living arrangements.  You would not believe how tricky it is to find a shared space that allows couples.  Outright daunting.

Now, the fact lies that I love this blog, (despite what my lack of recent writing on it may imply), and I would still very much like to use it.  However, it does seem that it’s lovely name does not quite fit in with my new home,  so you’ve probably noticed the now more country neutral title change.  There will be a distinct lack of ‘Korea/Korean’ on it from this point on.  (*tear*I know!).  However, if you enjoyed my adventures in Korea (here’s looking at you family), I hope you’ll stick around for  my newest round of escapades!

Have a great day!

2014-08-08 14.21.25

P.S.  Know how I know I’m going to be alright here?  They sell Time Out bars!!


4 thoughts on “I swear I’m not dead…

  1. Now, that’s a great blog, Sami …. keeps everyone current on your sweet, young life! Betting you will love Ireland and that all will go very well for you …. and by the way, you have an awesome tour director who has been there, done that! Looking forward to more of your blogs! xo M & J

  2. 쌔미! 새로운 머리모양 아주 예뻐요ㅋㅋㅋ아일랜드에서 행복한 일 많이 보고 듣고 오길 바래요. I hope you enjoy your young, fresh days in Ireland. Miss you from Canada. Don’t forget the plan ‘KOREA’ lol 다음 글도 기대할게요! Love, Hennie

  3. Hi!
    I couldn’t find a comment section on your post when you broke down the application for Sogang language Program. Do you have an email I could reach you at? I had a question about your the application process. I really like that you broke everything down. It’s very helpful! It’s hard to come across anyone giving information about the whole process of applying to a language program in Korea. Thanks so much!

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