What’s this…I’m where?

2013-06-13 06.41.27First view of the prairies from my plane window.

Well, yes…It’s official.  I am no longer in Korea ㅠ.ㅠ  I have officially been back in Canada for one week now and have been having a mildly difficult time adjusting.  Also, I seem to have brought the rainy weather with me back from 서울 (Seoul) ^^.  Since I’ve been back in Saskatchewan it’s been nothing but busy, busy, unpacking, busy, with a touch of jet-lag thrown in.  The time has come however for a new post!

And what better way to welcome myself back to Canada then putting up a Posty Song by a Canadian? ^^ This week’s song is Trap, by Ontario native Henry Lau of Super Junior-M fame.  He marks the first male soloist from SM Entertainment in 13 years!  Woot Canada!

So, from the minute I’ve stepped off the plane I’ve been passed off from one relative to the next.  The very next day after I landed, my sister, her boyfriend, and I all made the 3-hour drive back to Kelliher, Saskatchewan for one of my younger sister’s high school graduation.  This terrifies me on so many levels.  Not only will Nicky be starting university in the fall, but this means that when the youngest graduates in 3 years, it will mark 10 years since I had stood on the very same stage.

2013-06-15 09.27.13Kelliher School Graduation.  There was a total of 16 graduates this year.

After a weekend of full on Ukrainian food indulgence, more relatives and family friends than I can count, plus some cuddle time with my kitty-cat, it was back to the city for some unpacking.  Let me tell you!  Finding two suitcases worth of things (souvenirs or elsewise) in an already cluttered room is no easy feat.

This week of unpacking, meeting friends, and running errands around the city has also presented my first bout of reverse culture shock!  I went to go to the Wal-Mart in my area and was startled to find it had been changed to a Super Wal-Mart.  Well, colour me confused.  I walked around searching for brushes of the tooth and hair variety and had no idea where to go.  None of the workers were Korean and there were white people surrounding me!  I’ve never felt so uneasy being in a Wal-Mart before ^^

The second bout occurred when I met my aunt for lunch.  Our food came and it was so pretty I immediately pulled out my phone….only to put it back in my purse very, very slowly.  Here the only people who take pictures of their food are hipsters with an Instagram addiction ^^ Not taking pictures of my food is going to be a hard habit to overcome!

2013-06-20 07.23.53I know I’m back in Saskatchewan!  The price of Asian ingredients has gone up ten-fold.  This container of pickled plumes had the equivalent price of maple syrup back in Korea ^^

One week away from Korea and I’m already missing a lot of the culture….food, hearing Korean being spoken all around me, all the friends I made at 서강 대학교 (sogang daehakgyo – Sogang University), cute cheap make-up shops everywhere(!), and all the cute, well-dressed guys (here’s looking at you pretty boys on the subways who would stare at my blonde hair! 😉 ).  On the other, opposite hand… the weather is sooooooooooooooooo (…ooooooooooo) much nicer here!  Granted it has been raining nearly every single day since I’ve arrived, but the temperature has stayed below 25°C!~  If you’ve followed my blog you know I was just dying in the +30s.  그래서, 날씨가 좋아요! (keuraeso, nalsshiga johayo – So, the weather is good!)

2013-06-21 04.20.22Like this!!  I found 유자차 (yuja cha – honey-citron tea) in the Asian grocery store!!  One of three Korean items ^^

So, now that I’m back in Canada you may be wondering what I’m going to be doing with this blog.  Well, fret not. I have a feeling it won’t be long before I’m back in Korea and doing wonderful things ^^  But till then I’m going to keep searching for Korea here in Canada!

Since returning I’ve been putting out adds for Korean-English language exchange friends and have actually gotten a few replies back!  I’ll let you know how that’s going when I meet with some of them next week.  Gotta keep my Korean up!

2013-06-19 11.44.10This marks the beginning of my old university…that’s right…we have a field (of the crop growing variety) in the middle of the city!

On top of studying Korean, I’ll probably fall back into the binge-marathoning of Korean dramas, if only to improve my ear.  I’m currently on episode 10 of 도망자 플랜 B (domangja peullaen B – The Fugitive Plan B)…which I’m totally watching to improve me ear. Seeing Rain in a chest-exposing shirt in nearly every scene has absolutely nothing to do with it….totally. 😉

On top of that, I have ~3 more posts of fun things I did while living in Asia that I did not have time to post.  So there is that to look forward to ^^  I’ll also be posting some tutorials on how to work through the applications for teaching English in Korea once I start on them 🙂

Till next time~


2 thoughts on “What’s this…I’m where?

  1. Sammi!! I am glad to read your new post!! 🙂 finally 내 시험이 모두 끝났어요!! 🙂 잘 지내요? You made me laugh because of “sooooooooo…..ooooooo nicer” ^^

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