Attending MBC’s Show Champion

984150_598005483556783_2013699464_nUniqlo-AX building

My last week in Korea is flying by!  I’ve been trying to cram in as much as I can with my remaining time…but, oh boy!  It is NOT easy when the weather is the +30 degrees Celcius every day with humidity of 40-69% every day!  (My comfort zone ranges from 23-26 degrees ^^  I’ve been made fun of for my relatively small ‘zone of comfort’.  I’m always too hot or too cold ^^)  Needless to say, SPF 60 is liberally applied and my fan rarely leaves my hand.

One of the things I’ve gone out and done, was attend a live filming of Kpop program ‘Show Champion’ put on by MBC at the Uniqlo-AX building.  There was a promotion going on by the LA branch of the KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) where they were giving guaranteed seats to foreigners.  Normally you have to line up quite early in the day to see a performance.   We weren’t allowed to take pictures once inside the building so this post may be a bit lacking in the pictures department, but I’ll make up for it with YouTube videos ^^

It was actually quite the process.  It was geared towards residents of the USA and South America, but I saw people there from Canada (me) as well as Singapore.  After you emailed the coordinator, you had to provide proof that you were going to be coming to Korea with in the time line.  This included me sending them my proof of flight and confirmed payment as well as personal information such as passport number and country of residents.  Doing it I figured one of two things could happen…one I would get into the show all fancy-dancey….or my identity was going to be stolen ^^

2013-05-25 16.35.14A secret picture taken by Roxanne ^^  This was our view of the stage!  Nice and centre!

You had to arrive at the Uniqlo-AX building by 5pm!  At 5:30pm they would start herding people in.  I wasn’t completely sure of the directions they provided on the website…so instead, I creepily  followed a pair of girls from the subway who were carrying bags of posters and CDs ^^  I had a feeling they were also going to the show.  Boy!  Would I have been embarrassed if they had been going somewhere else!

Thankfully, they pulled up the a large mass of waiting people and I knew it was the right place.  However, I had no idea where to go.  I knew that each line was for a different fan group, but I couldn’t find a specific KTO list.  I went to the first group of non-Asian foreigners I saw and asked them if they were here for the KTO group.  They looked at me blankly and then returned to speaking a language I don’t know to each other…perhaps German?

Thankfully a nice fellow tapped me on the shoulder.  He heard me asking about the KTO and came over.  He was in the same boat as I was…lost ^^  At least now we were lost together.  He was from Hawaii and had come to Seoul to see the Girls Generation concert.  A few minutes later I saw another lost looking individual so I went over to her and asked if she was also here with the KTO promotion.  She was, so she also joined our group and I made a new friend with Sheetal from Virgina.

It was around this time that a Korean lady with a list found us.  After she checked us off she brought us to where we were supposed to be standing and we got introduced to two girls from Singapore (Roxanne Heng and Jeslyn Ng).

Hello Venus – Would you stay for tea?
(I’ve added a girl band so you won’t say I was only paying attention to the boy bands….cuz I toootttalllyyyy wasn’t 😉  )

After that they started to bring us in.  The fans who had been waiting all day got to have standing spaces on the ground floor while all of us in the KTO (I think I’m now subconsciously just trying to see how many times I can write KTO…there’s another one!) were restricted to the seats on the second floor.  Which was a-okay with me….firstly because they didn’t turn on the A/C until the show was 45-minutes in and I would have died.  And secondly because some of the people there were HUGE fans!!!  I was just happy to be there!

B1A4 – What’s going on

I was ecstatic when I found out one of my favourite groups was going to be doing a performance for the show: B1A4 (Hush you!  I love them for all their quirkyness!  I’ll have none of those eye-rollings! ^^)  Alas…they were one of only two performers who filmed their portion before the show began.  Only their official fanclub got to see the live performance. ㅠ.ㅠ  I was rather heartbroken over the event.  Regardless!  Here is their performance!

All and all, it was a great time!  I made a few new friends, got to be in a studio audience, watch some utterly attractive people sing and dance before me (plus two shirt removals….*rarw*  I have a feeling I’m turning bit into my mother.  Most of the performers were born after 1990, but there was one fellow born 1988 and I gave him a bit of a cat-call from the balcony much like my mother would and much to the amusement of my new friends ^^)

Wonder Boyz – Tarzan

All the performers were great!  We got to see: Shinhwa, B1A4 (…kind of ㅠㅠ), Hello Venus (cccrrrraaazzzzyyyyy amounts of male fans for this group!  Their fanchant was literally two octaves lower then the girls singing), LC9 (really good for a brand new rookie band!), Z.Hera (a solo artist…we didn’t realize that it was only one girl singing until partway through ^^), Pure, 100% (a band I had only recently discovered.  Quite happy with their performance), Wonder Boyz (I enjoyed their song ‘Tarzan’ much more than I would have anticipated ^^), C-Clown, SKARF, Boys Republic, 1N1, VIXX (another band that I had recently discovered.  They had a lot of fans!), 9Muses, and Cup of Coffee.

2013-06-05 19.22.02

I’m glad I got to experience this at least once before leaving Korea!

Till next time~

P.S.  All videos are courtesy of the MBCkpop YouTube page.  It’s so great that they provide the recordings online for the fans!  For the rest of the performances, visit the June 5th performance playlist here.  (BONUS – if you watch the Pure video, at 1:27 you’ll see one of the members drop his cane…not sure which one, but we were wondering if they’d catch it while we were watching ^^)

Boys Republic – Party Rock

P.P. S  One last song and story from the night!  This song was one of my favourite songs from the night.  It has such a 90s boy band feel to it (in my opinion).  Both Sheetal and I were dancing in our seats to this one.


5 thoughts on “Attending MBC’s Show Champion

  1. Hi Samatha, I’m a Malaysian planning to attend this Show Champion in the first week of July. May I know what is the procedure to apply for this KTO, including the contact details, etc… Looking forward to your reply 🙂

  2. Hi Samantha,
    Just read your post, I’m so jealous that you got to go. Im heading to Korea next week and have applied for one of the shows. Im just wondering if you applied more than once, or if others applied more than once to increase your chances of getting a ticket. The promotion said its only going to give away 100 tickets, so I’m wondering if you did anything or if you know of anyone who did something to increase their chances of being chosen.
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Trang!
      I’m afraid I won’t have too much information for you. I first found out about this show, I did the application form, and within a few days they wanted my proof of entrance into the country. It was actually a very small group of us who took advantage of the show. I think there was less than fifteen of us, and only two of us came from North America.
      What I can tell you though, and this works even better if you have any sort of Korean skill, is to find out what the day the show is going and just get there early. I know some of the lines require a fan club membership but others do not. If you do go this route however, know that you will probably have to be there several hours ahead of time! Korean kpop fans take there cheering very seriously.
      Also, super jealous of you getting to be in Korea!! I hope you have a really great time, Korea is awesome. And make sure to eat aaaallllll the great food! 🙂

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