Things I loved this week: The off and a-wandering edition

2013-05-15 12.21.02Graduation lunch –> 비빔밥  (bibiabap)

The time has sadly come…I’ve officially finished off my classes here at 서강 대학교 (seogang daehakgyo – Sogang University).  I have mixed feelings about being finished.  On one hand I’m glad to be done exams, on the other, sadder hand, I’m really going to miss studying the language ㅠ.ㅠ  HOWEVER(!), the 2관 선생님 (2gwan seonsaengnim – Level 2 Teacher) who was doing my final interview exam had actually studied in REGINA!!  She is one of first Koreans I’ve met who had even heard of Saskatchewan, let alone who had been there!  She claims there are plenty of Korean students at the University of Saskatchewan, so I guess it’s poster making time!  I want to make Korean language friends in my city!

This week’s Posty Song is ‘Scent of a Woman’ by Ailee.  I like the swingy feel it has to it!  Very unlike any other Korean song I’ve ever listened to.
On to the list!

2013-05-16 16.53.11

2013-05-16 16.53.28

Seeing Nanta with Jason before he left back for the States.  Nanta is a non-verbal musical performance (mostly drumming).  It’s very famous here in Korea!  It was definitely…interesting ^^


A cute mural in 홍대 (Hongdae) that I saw with Doa (a classmate) after our graduation.

2013-05-17 17.02.37

A flashmod also in Hongdae, but on a different day.  They were promoting something or other (or so I assume based off of the matching t-shirts and slogan shouting, but I can’t be certain ^^  We ran into them twice in different parts of the area.

2013-05-17 17.15.34

Fancy ice cream treats from Ice Spoon.

2013-05-17 20.17.50

I went for burgers at Yaletown in 신촌 and found out they have poutine* on the menu!!! They also had caesars.  Turns out the owner of the restaurant is Canadian! Woo!
*For the non-Canadian, poutine is a Canadian dish of french fries with gravy and cheese (best kinds are made with cheese curds, but I’ll except shredded cheese as well) and caesars are a Canadian drink kind of like a bloody mary but with clamato (clam+tomato) juice instead of tomato juice.  Fun fact!  The Caesar was invented in Calgary, Alberta in 1969 to mark the opening of a new Italian restaurant.


2013-05-20 11.02.57

Milk Ice-Cream….because what is it normally made of? o.O

2013-05-20 11.53.57

Hand dying a hankerchief in 북촌 (Bukchon) at the Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center.

2013-05-20 12.57.55

Movie post for 은밀하게 위대하게 (eunmilhage euidaehage – Secretly and Greatly) in the subway stations.  It stars my lover 김수현 (Kim Su-hyeon) and comes out before I leave Korea!  현진 (Hyeon-jin) and I plan to watch it together!

1368446354074I recognize those buildings!

Things that broke my heart this week: the aforementioned Kim Su-hyeon was on the Sogang campus shooting a variety show called Running Man……and I DIDN’T get to see him ㅠ.ㅠ Myself and the other girls in my class who also love him were very disappointed.  There goes my only chance to abduct him! 😉

Here’s the trailer with English subtitles courtesy of KimSooHyunFC for your enjoyment ^^

2013-05-20 17.38.19

I was hanging out with Hyeong-jin yesterday and we went to the Kyobo bookstore in 광화문 역 (gwanghwamun yeok – Gwanghwamun Station).  I wanted to buy a great Korean grammar practice book called “Korean Grammar in Use”.  While we were there however we found these books printed from Kakaotalk conversations.

2013-05-20 17.39.17

think it’s supposed to be a English conversation prep because it had the English with Korean translation…but some of them were sooo strange!  I was telling this to Hyeon-jin in Korean as we were flipping through it, when a couple walked by and said ‘The foreigner says it’s weird, I’m not going to buy it’.  ^^  Made my day!

2013-05-20 18.05.47

Michael Bublé’s new CD came out and they’re promoting it here in Korea.  Made me smile.  I love Michael Bublé!  I convinced my friend to start listening to the Canadian crooner ^^

That’s it for this list!  See you next time~


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