A rainy day in 수원 (Suwon)

It was a beautiful week leading up to the trip to 수원 (Suwon) with the Seoul International Hikers Club.  So you can imagine my dismay when I awoke at 7am on Saturday the 20th to the sound of rain.  But I was not to be discouraged!  Instead I bundled up, grabbed my umbrella and was off to the subway.

2013-04-20 11.31.22

I met my friend Kian at the transfer point and we travelled to Suwon together, which was actually a good thing.  There was a bit of a confusion with exit/meet up time.  Thankfully it all worked out!  By 10:30 we had met up with the other four people in the group, bringing the total of the day to six.

2013-04-20 12.55.24

It was a pretty rainy day all day, we still enjoyed a walk along the 화성 (Hwaseong) fortress wall.

2013-04-20 13.01.48

화성행궁 (Hwaseong Haenggung Palace)

When we got to the fortress, a wonderful elderly Korean man gave us a tour in English.  He even taught the Singaporean in our group a thing about Chinese characters ^^

Diorama complete with 80s style blinking lights ^^

Diorama complete with 80s style blinking lights ^^

After we finished the tour we headed towards a restaurant where we ate 엣날 보리밥 (etnal boribab – fresh vegetable bibimbap) and 순두부찌개 (sundubu jjigae – soft tofu stew).  It was a traditional style Korean restaurant where we sat on the floor and had the wonderful ondol floor heating warm us up.  Alas, by the time we left my shoes had not fully dried out ^^

2013-04-20 12.16.39

Sorry for the lack of pictures and stories!  It was pretty cool and the rain was on the miserable side of rain.  We didn’t spend as much time walking around as we would have without it and I didn’t want to pull my camera out in the rain.  However!  In a few days I’ll post my pictures from the 봄꽃축제 (bom ggoch chukje – Spring Flower Festival) in 한강공원 (hangang gongwon – Hangang Park).  Where you’ll see more pictures of 벚꽃 (beow ggoch – cherry blossoms) than you will ever need to see ^^

Till next time!


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