Things I loved this week: DINOSAUR STICKERS!

2013-03-24 08.11.53

Sorry, got a little over zealous there with the title, but how could I not?  Not only are these adorable!  They also have the scientific names of the dinosaurs in both English and 한글 (hangeulKorean writing)!  You know what that means?  Korean geology! ^_^

Posty Song for today is by Korean-Canadian singer who goes by the stage name G.NA.  From Edmonton, Alberta (woo prairies!), G.NA has been in the music scene since 2010.  I’ve picked my favourite song by her, “2Hot”, which came out last year.  She’s recently just released a new mini-album and has a new single out called “Oops!” that is pretty catchy (though, I’ll admit, I had to hear it twice before I liked it).



Trying this 유명하지만 다른 (yumeonghajiman dareun – famous but different) 떡볶이 (ddeokbokki – spicy rice cakes).  I’ve never had such a dark red/brown sauce with ddeokbokki before!

 I went with one of my friends from the Language Cast meet ups, 현정 (Hyeon-jeong) to a restaurant/bar called ‘삭’ (Sak) in 홍대 (Hongdae).  We both found the ddeokbokki to be rather spicy, and she’s a native Korean!  In her defence though, she’s had the dish a few times and finds it spicy every time.  But she still comes back for more! ^^  If you’re interested in finding Bar Sak, there is a really great description of its menu, full address, and recommendations here.

Sak restaurant in Hongdae

Bar Sak in Hongdae

FUN FACT!~  the ‘삭’ is part of the onomatopoeia ‘바삭바삭’ (basak-basak) which is the Korean equivalent to ‘crunch-crunch’.  They use  ‘바삭바삭’ to refer to how the 튀김 (twigim) sounds as you eat it.


This were a sight to see in 이대 (Edae)!  Saskatchewan-folk, and maybe a few other Canadians, I know you’ll know what these are.  The Spanish friend I was with however had no clue what the logo was from.  First Carhart now John Deere…oh Korea-style XD

2013-03-13 16.09.36

What’s exported and tastes delicious?

2013-03-13 16.09.28

Lays Potato Chips!!  The Home Plus where I sometimes shop had a sale on chips the last time!  This bag was only 3,000원 instead of 6,000원!  Woooo~

2013-03-23 16.14.54

You can’t really tell in this picture, but what you see before you is dozens upon dozens of elderly Korean men playing ‘Go‘ in the park (called ‘바둑’ (baduk) in Korean).  Go is an insanely difficult game (at least for me) and everything I know of it comes from reading all 23 volumes of ‘Hikaru no Go ^^   Originally from China, Go spread to Korean and Japan, and later the world.  There is currently 74 member countries in the International Go Federation which holds competitive competitions for professional Go players.  (Thank you Wikipedia and manga reading! ^^ )

Apparently type 'O' is outgoing and the life of the very wrong it is ^^

Blood type is a big thing here.  It started out as a scientific paper back in the 80s I think, and there is absolutely no scientific fact that your blood type determines what your personality will be…but that doesn’t stop people from asking you what yours is and whether you are compatible based off of it.  These key-chains are prime examples of showing it off.

2013-03-25 17.04.42


This is from the same set as those Avengers Bunnies I posted a bit back!!  How cute!  Even Avenger Bunnies are into social media now ^^  I also found out that these are done by illustrated by 정혜민 (Jeong Hye-min) for MILLO.  Check it out here

2013-03-25 17.07.13


This…well, I’m not entirely sure what this is.  It’s…interesting?  Haha, and here it is from another angle:

2013-03-25 17.07.26


Also…SUPER expensive!!  Does anyone know who, or what this is exactly and could shed some light on it for me?

I’m afraid that this next week may be a touch on the lacking side whereas posting is concerned.  I be going to going to 제주도 (jejudo  – Jeju Island) from Wednesday to Saturday, so  I’m afraid I won’t be able to get any up before than.  Look forward to a great post early next week though!  Have a great day!

Till next time~

P.S. Things I didn’t love this week?  Being approached at the Seoul Folk Flea Market in 동댐면 (Dongdaemun) and being asked if I was a “로시아 사람?” –  “Russia-saram” AKA –>  Are you a prostitute?  I’ve heard that this happens quite often to blondish woman who are on their own (i.e. without a gentleman friend around), but this was the first time it’s happened to me since I’ve arrived in 서울 (Seoul).


3 thoughts on “Things I loved this week: DINOSAUR STICKERS!

  1. “This were a sight to see in 이대 (Edae)! Saskatchewan-folk, and maybe a few other Canadians, I know you’ll know what these are.” umm what. John Deere is an american company

    • Hi Lou, thanks for the comment. I know John Deere is an American company. Saskatchewan is dominantly agriculture-based and I’ve never known anyone from Saskatchewan to not know the John Deere symbol ^^ Fun fact! Saskatchewan holds 41% of all of Canada’s arable land! Go farmers!

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