Things I loved this week: The things you find in a grocery store edition

Teaser pic from upcoming Jirisan (지리산) / Seomjin River Plum Blossom Village  (섬진강 매화마을) trip!

Teaser pic from upcoming Jirisan (지리산) / Seomjin River Plum Blossom Village (섬진강 매화마을) trip!

Whew….another week done!  They’re going by so quickly…it makes me a little sad.  Not too sad, mind you!  This weekend actually marked a first for me here in Korea:  The very first time I’ve left 서울 (Seoul) since arriving here on the 26th of November!  Post to come in a few days, but until then, enjoy this picture of the 매화 (maehwa – plum blossoms) ^^

Posty Song!  This week’s song has been pretty popular in Korea the last few weeks.  You hear it a lot being played outside stores and on the radio.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about MFBTY, but I really like this song (“Sweet Dream”).  Give it a try!  On to the list~

To start things off, I need to toot my own horn for a quick little moment.  You see, this post right here marks my 50th post since starting my blog back in August.  Not an extravagant number, but a personal milestone for me ^^  And what would 50 posts be without a dorky victory pose?  ^^
Please keep enjoying my blog in the times to come!

I spent much of my week either studying or getting excited for the upcoming day trip.  Amidst all the busy-busy, I still had to go and buy some groceries.  I love grocery shopping, I really do ^^  You find the neatest things there.  Like these beautifully ornate tea canisters. (…which also cost 28,000원 each!)

 Or he delicious grammar on these potato sticks.

And finding a bag of honey sweets that I’ve been searching for right next to my current favourite treat (the ones in fuchsia) .  What’s a girl to do?  Buy both and compare! … for science 😉

And I can’t leave out buying cheese-strings for my after-school snack…because I’m clearly an adult ^^

These last two weeks marked the return of the regular students to 서강 대학교 (seogang daehakgyo – Sogang University).  It also marked a sort of recruitment week for the clubs.  One of our 선생님 (seonsaengnim – teacher) recommended we consider joining one of the many, many clubs.  The list that she posted in our 교실 (gyoshil – classroom) was more than a little bit intimidating.  Long lines of Korean names without any explanations.  One name stuck out for me though.  ‘CRE-MATION’…whatever could that be?  On Thursday as I was leaving campus, I saw one of the tables with the name stuck to the side and ventured over to see what it was.  Well, imagine my surprise (and subsequent ‘duh’ moment when it all came together in my mind) to find out it was a 만화 (manhwa – Korean comics) / manga / animation club.  In my broken Korean I said that I could only understand a little Korean and asked if it would still be okay for someone like me to join.  The three girls running the booth at the time all started to reply back very quickly and excitedly in Korean.  One said “많은 외국인이 있어요!”  (manhieun wegukini isseoyo – there are many foreigners)  To which, a different member joking shouted “거짓말!” (keojitmal – lie)  Long story short…I’ve joined the manga club at Sogang ^^

 On Thursday this week (March the 14th) it was White Day* here in Korea.   I was walking about 이대 (Edae) with some classmates and saw this couple crossing the street.  The were being all lovey-dovey and the gentleman was carrying around a large bear head while his lady was holding a boquet.  Now…I didn’t see what happened, but the k-drama watcher in my could create a few scenarios in which this act may have been played out ^^
*(see bottom of page for explnations on White Day.)

There is no relevant story to this picture.  I saw it in a tunnel in one of the subway stations and it tickled my fancy ^^  Enjoy this colonial bunny with me!  (Do I have my time period wrong?  If anyone knows what kind of dress the bunny is wearing, please let me know in the comments ^^)

To draw the end to this week, I leave you with this handy little piece of trivia:  Pope John Paul II is the world’s Scrabble champion in the over-70 category ^^

Till next time~

P.S. I really need to stop writing these posts when I’m marginally hungry.  It’s turning my TIL into a ‘Foods I Want to Eat this Week’ ^^

*For those interested, White Day is the male equivalent to Valentines Day.  One Valentines Day, the girls are supposed to give their guys chocolates, and on White Day, the fellows reciprocate the act by giving sweets to their sweets.  The next month (April 14th) will bring forth Black Day where all the singles get together and mope about being single while eating 짜장면 (jjajangmyeon – black bean noodles) ^^


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