Things I loved this week: the ‘plushies everywhere!’ edition

Teaser image from upcoming 청계산 post ^^

Wow!  Can’t believe it’s back to school already!  I spent my Saturday climbing 청계산 (Cheonggyesan – Cheonggye Mountain) this weekend with 현진 (Hyeon-jin) and her sister 혜진 (Hye-jin).  I’ll have a post of our treck Cheonggye Mountain up in a few days ^^  On to what I did the rest of the week!

This week’s posty song is “Mask Dance” (가면놀이)  by Baechigi  ft.AG (배치기).  I have only recently gotten into the rap-duo Baechigi, but they have been on the scene since 2005.  They’ve gotten a lot of press lately with their newest single “Shower of Tears” marking their first song after returning from their term in the Korean military.  It can be a bit tough to find their old stuff, but completely worth it if you can.

love plushies…but I’m not the kind of person who owns a lot of them.  I pick my plushies very carefully!  At home I currently share my bed with a kitty-kitty-kitten (the actual brand of the plushie ^^) that I’ve had since kindergarten (and let me tell you, was it ever hard to convince my mother to let me get one when I was 5!) and the the octopus squishable (again, the name of the plushie).  That doesn’t stop me from enjoying these adorable food-based plushies when I see them in Home Plush ^^

Or these dinosaurs I saw in a shop, who’s name I cannot recall at this exact moment.

Or this new keychain I got from 지희 (Ji-hee) as her 선물 (seonmul – present) from her recent trip to Japan.

Kitty shaped mascara makes my day.  I didn’t buy any because I still have two very good mascaras here with me from Canada, but boy!  Was I ever tempted by the shear novelty of it, and the other kitty shaped products in the line ^^

New shoes!  If I thought that Korea was going to fix my shoe habit, was I ever wrong!  It doesn’t matter that I’ve been looking for good quality pink oxfords for a while now.  I bought them at a store, which I think is called “Star Salon”…I’m not sure.  Their business card is the symbol of a star next to the word ‘salon’, so I can only assume.  The sales people were very friendly there.  When they didn’t have the right colour in my size (they had black, white, pink, and electric blue as option…I was also tempted by the blue pair), they immediately placed the order and I picked up my new shoes the very next day.

More shopping, I want to recommend this small shop in Hongdae.  I’m not sure what it’s called, but it is run by a woman named 강사장 (Kang Sa-jang).  You can visit her website here, but it is entirely in Korean.  Located down one of the quieter streets of Hongdae, the front of the store is filled with skirts, scarves,  and different accessories while the back is her work room.  When we showed up there she was busy at work making a skirt.  You could have your choice of two short, medium, or a long length skirts for only 15,000원!  She spoke English very well and was so kind.  After I picked out my two skirts, she offered both myself and my friend who didn’t buy anything a choice of a headband/ponytail/or fancy bobby-pins, as well as our choice of a coloured make up bag!  To get there, turn left at the T-intersection in front of Hongik University, take your first left, and then the first right.  The shop is in the middle of the street.  I will definitely be buying more clothes from her.

Lovely tea at a shop called Tea Terrace in Hongdae.  I love it when tea pots come with a warmer!  The small tea light in the stand keeps the tea at the perfect temperature.  The cafe was very relaxed and a nice place to set up camp to work.  I wish I could give better directions, but I actually kind of found it by accident ^^  It is down the same street as the Coffee Prince Cafe  and  Coffee Lab if that helps ^^

I’m not really sure what this fella was doing, but between exits 8 and 9 of 홍대 역 (hongdae yeok – Hongdae Station) a guy and a girl were building this lego house around the branches of one of the trees.  Man!  It feels like I spent my entire week in Hongdae in this post ^^

Meeting up with Ji-hee and 희연 (Hee-yeon) in, you guessed it,  Hongdae for supper ^^  We went for 떡볶이 (ddeokbokki) at a restaurant called 크레이지떡 (keureiji ddeok  – if you sound that out it comes to CRAZY Ddeok, but they romanize it as Crazy DDUK ^^).  The menu here was actually pretty interested!  They had a lot of variations on traditional ddeokbokki.  

We got the 치스 떡볶이 (chiseu ddeokbokki – cheese ddeokbokki), but I think next time I would like to try the curry version.  To get to Crazy DDUK go out exit 9 at Hongdae Station and immediately turn left, and then turn right on to the main strip.  The restaurant will be on the left hand side of the street almost immediately after Kongbul (공불).

To finish off this week’s list, when I went to pick up my coat from Hyeon-jin (I forgot it in her backpack yesterday after mountain climbing) in 이태원 (Itaewon) we passed by this sign on the door of a bar called the Rocky Mountain Tavern.  We didn’t go in (after all, it was 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon), but it was still nice to see the Canadian flag here in Seoul ^^

Till next time!

P.S. As a moderately related side note, does anyone have a good method for breaking in shoes?  I have something I like to call a perma-blister on the back of both of my heels that turns into a full blister the minute I get new shoes.  Any tips would be appreciated!  I would like to avoid them this time round. ^^


2 thoughts on “Things I loved this week: the ‘plushies everywhere!’ edition

  1. Hi Sami….your blogs are so interesting!! Sounds like you’ve got yourself a never-a-day-without-an-adventure life…how wonderful is that!!

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