Flash mobbing in Seoul

As I mentioned in my my Lunar New Year Reception post last week, everyone was invited to meet up in 명동 (Myeongdong) the next day to join their flash mob on the 23rd.  I didn’t really know what song they were doing it for, or why, but heck!  At what other point in my life will I have an opportunity to join a flash mob?  Certainly not in Saskatchewan ^^

Everyone getting ready

If there is one thing Korea DOESN’T lack, it’s reflective surfaces ^^

I initially gave a ‘tentative yes’.  Despite having the desire to go, going alone hardly seemed like a ‘fun’ option.  I spent much of the morning on Saturday asking if any of my friends would go along as well….they all had prior engagements.  I was about to throw in the towel on the whole idea when one of my friends from Canada said that he and one of his friends were going.  I was pumped!  This meant I could still go.  However, once I got to Myeongdong, I got a text from him saying that they weren’t going to make it.  I was there…I was alone…and I could see the people standing across the way.  What’s a girl to do?

Well, in my case, I spent 5-10 minutes fiddling with my phone trying to make it look like I was texting someone as I tried to build up the nerve to walk across the street and introduce myself to the group.  In the end I worked up the courage and made my way over.  Thankfully everyone was very friendly!

Dana is the one with the mummy-head and Hiba is the one with the black mask.

 It was here that I met two great girls from Denmark, Dana and Hiba.

We ended up doing the flash mob twice (the first time, the people filming cut off everything from the waist down).  One of the best parts of participating?  Getting to hang out with all the mascots you see walk around Myeongdong promoting their shops.  It was pretty funny.  They stayed in character the whole time!  You’d try to speak to them (English/Korean) and they’d reply back only with hand signals ^^  When we were doing the first recording, the School Food mascot accidentally kept hitting me with his wings.  Not his fault.  I just happened to be conveniently the exact same hight as the things sticking out of his head.  Fun fact about this picture, 30 seconds previous to this I was perfectly visible to the camera, but then the cats moved and knocked me over a bit.  Again, not their fault.  It’s not like they have depth perception in those costumes ^^



Take a look at the video if you like!  I’m pretty hard to see in this version (I’m short and got put in the back.  Points to anyone who can spot me!)  It’s the right kind of Harlem Shake…short!  I hate the ones that go on for more than a minute.

Would I do a flash mob again?  Undecided.  I don’t normally go for excessively embarrassing acts…in public.  Anyone who’s seen me dance around like an idiot in my room knows that embarrassing is the only word to describe my dancing ^^  But I did  have fun meeting the people, and I made fast friends with Dana and Hiba, so it was hardly a waste of time.

Till next time!

End of the Flash mob and everyone goes back to their day jobs.

P.S. Thanks to the “Do the Harlem Shake Seoul” Facebook group for access to the pictures!  While the rest of us were dancing, someone was taking pictures.  Definitely beats my blurry shots ^^


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