Things I loved this week – the ‘getting back in the flow of things’ edition

I think I went through some serious writing withdraw over the last two weeks.  Sure, my hand is sore and my pen callus has reappeared from writing out my notes and verb conjugations over and over, but it wasn’t the same!  Having the semester end is rather bitter-sweet.  Sure, it was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next semester to begin.  At the same time however, it involves saying good-bye to some great friends that were made along the way.  That little insight aside, and despite that this is the middle of the week instead of the end/beginning, on to this week’s list!


Finding Milka (only my favourite German chocolate brand) chocolate bars after Valentines Day!  And being subsequently heartbroken when I discovered that not only were they outrageoulsy expensive, but there is no post-Valentines Day sale on chocolates here ㅠ.ㅠ

The Saturday before the finals started, myself and a few of my classmates met up with our 선생님 (seonsaengnim – teacher) 강수미 (Kang Su-mi) to go to an Uzbekistan restaurant in 동대문 (Dongdaemun). It was crazy being in the Uzbekistan/Russian part of Seoul. We went from 98% Koreans to 90% non-Koreans.

We treated our teacher to supper, so she offered to buy us dessert. Our tea came in these cute snowboarder/skier cups.


Bonus of spending 3 hours practicing  Korean? I got to have Borscht!!

Finding out that the clothes I wear to work as a geologist are considered street-trendy here. Carhart…who would have thunk it? ^^ I found this hanging in a trendy vintage shop in 홍대 (Hongdae). This clearly marks geos as being cool both on and off the field 😉

These cuties hanging out in the window of a ABC Mart (a shoe store, not a mart as the name might imply) in 명동 (Myeongdong). What’s cuter than chibi Avengers?


Spiderman can come too ^^

Because I didn’t miss any classes the whole semester, Iwas given a prize!! I don’t know about you, but I am very prize oriented. When I found out part way through the semester that there was an award for 100% attendance, I was like *boom* I got this ^^ Turns out the prize this semester is a set of three very expensive artisan soaps! …of which have a very strong perfume scent. *sigh* I have strong scent allergies, so these soaps have been placed in a sealed bag and placed in another room. Oh well! Can I hear ‘awesome souvenir’ anyone?

Class graduation was held a short distance between Sogang and the Sinchon Station in a rather swanky restaurant. We had something Korean style shabu-shabu.  (Japanese-style shabu-shabu you swirl around a piece of meat to cook it.  Korean-style, you dump all the meat in the broth in batches, or all at once and let it cook.)

We even got to sit on the floor! There was also FOUR side dishes! One of which was a mashed pumpkin-egg concoction that was delicious!!

To round out my week, here is a picture of me flash mobbing it up. There will be stories on this to follow! Look forward to a highly embarassing video post in days to come (I have to wait for it to get posted). I also made new friends with two girls from Denmark!

That it for this week! Till next time!~

Bonus picture of me eating some delicious fresh bread from this small one room bakery down the side streets of Sinchon. Silvia took the picture and I think I look a bit like a rabbit, so good all around ^^


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