Attending the Friends of Singapore Lunar New Year Reception 2013

Aaaannnnddd, I’m back!
Sorry about the lack of posts this last little while.  It’s been nothing but hectic around here, and hours upon hours of studying.  Thankfully the semester has come to a close and it’s time for a break!  Classes will resume in March, so we get a bit of a vacation before it’s time to get back into study mode.  So, what’s the best way to celebrate the end of a semester?  How about attending a shindig put on by the Singaporean embassy in honour of the Lunar New Year? ^^

One of my friends from class (Xuan Rong) actually works for the Singaporean Embassy and had been taking the Korean classes as part of his training for the next two years.  He was kind enough to invite all of us to attend the event at the Lotte Hotel hosted by the Singapore Embassy and Singapore Club Seoul on Friday the 22nd.  If anything, it would be an excuse for me to get dolled up and walk around a fancy hotel ^^  I immediately said ‘yes’ when he asked if I would attend.

I met some of my classmates at 신촌역 (sinchon yeok – Sinchon Station), and together we travelled to 을지로입구역 (eujiro ibgu yeok – Eujiro 1(il)-ga Station).  The Lotte Hotel is actually linked to the subway through exits 7 and 8, so you don’t actually have to leave the subway if you don’t want to.  And if you do, the hotel is clearly visible the minute you leave the subway through either of those exits.

We got to the Emerald Room on the second floor of the Lotte Hotel around 6:20pm.  The event started officially at 6:30pm, so there wasn’t too many people there, but we could already tell it was going to be fancy.  Heck!  There was even an ice sculpture!

There evening was really nice and relaxed.  There was a lot of people there!  To start the night off there was a small talk by the Singaporean ambassador to Korea and a representative from the embassy.

 After that there was all the free food, wine, orange juice, and Singaporean candies you could hope to have.

I was particularly intrigued by the dessert table.  Look at how symmetrical the treats are!

Singaporean sweets.

On all of the mingling tables there were dishes of Singaporean sweets to try.  I really liked the ones with the pink wrappers.  The English on them labels them as ‘Haw Flakes’, but I can’ t figure out the Chinese.  They were a mix of hawthorn and cane sugar.

The Sogang Group.

It was a great time, and everyone was very friendly.  We got to meet other students and some of Xuan Rong’s co-workers.  The group of us got invited to join in a flash mob the next day by some really nice Singaporeans.  I got told I had very white skin by two different girls, and another said she liked my hair.  All in all, a nice set of compliments ^^  I even met another Canadian there!  He works for the Canadian Embassy and his wife was from Singapore.  It was nice to meet some who not only knew what Saskatchewan was, but also knew where it was (even if he did say teasingly that it wasn’t a part of Canada ^^).  He also understood the joke-saying:  ‘Saskatchewan, the easiest province to draw, hardest to spell’.

Part way through the night, we were able to get a picture with the Singaporean Ambassador (he’s the one in the center).  Turns out he also went to Sogang.  How neat!

As we were leaving the event, everyone got a goodie bag at the exit.  Now, nothing says ‘successful party’ like getting a treat bag at the end of it ^^ It was filled with a plethora of Singaporean treats.  Including some chocolates, cookies, a mandarin orange, a small box of raisins  a few of the red envelopes that they use to give money, and something called Bee Cheng Hiang which is a kind of pork jerky.  All the Singaporean were very excited by this.

Happy Year of the Snake everyone!  Till next time!

 Probably my only time attending an event put on by an embassy.


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