Things I loved this week: The things you find down side streets edition

It started as a nice walk after supper with my language exchange partner 현진 (Hyeon-jin).  We were off to find a tea house she knew off in 신촌 (Sinchon).  Well, we found the tea house…but before that, we found this!  We’re not quite sure what it is, of why it is the way it is…but I can say for certain, I have never seen anything like it before ^^

If you haven’t guessed by now, I have a thing for tea…and all the paraphernalia that comes with it.  I had been to Chloris Tea & Coffee in Hongdae before, so I was expecting much the same here in Sinchon.  Was I ever wrong!  Look at these vintage tea cups!  Be still my heart!

I think Korea can take any old concept, say a bag for instance, and turn it into something adorably cute.  I don’t know if I’d personally want to carry a bag with sticking up bunny ears…but I certainly d’awww-ed it when I passed it by.  ^^

I call these fellers the ‘일요일 축구 클럽’ (ilyoil chugku keulleob – Sunday Soccer Club).  Though, in complete disclosure, they’re more of a 주말 (jumal – weekend) club.  A group of men (of an undetermined age) show up on the elementary school field outside my window around 8am every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and play soccer together for a few hours before going home.  I usually wake up to sounds of cheers and shouts during the weekend 🙂

Getting freebies with your cereal!  I went looking for new cereal after I finished all of mine during the week and decided to go with the ones that were on sale (from 7,260원 down to 5,120원).  Imagine my glee when I pull the box out and find it has to bags of…something strapped to it!

Pretty drinks and a ‘Dutch Baby’ at Poly Cafe in Hongdae with 지희 (Ji-hee) and 희연 (Hee-yeon).  This is the first time I’ve had strawberries in Seoul, and they were awesome ^^

I usually meet up with 지희 (Ji-hee) and 희연 (Hee-yeon) once a week to eat and chat, but this last week Hee-yeon was in Hong Kong with her family.  She brought back both Ji-hee and I a box of ‘Assorted Chinese Sweet Cripsies‘ (I’m not even going to attempt to find the Chinese Characters to go with that) from what she said was a famous bakery –> Kee Wah Bakery (founded 1938).

 They are so good!  They remind me of rice crispie cakes….only softer and sweeter.  These would go really nice with a unsweetened latte or green tea.

I saw these vintage watches in a window in 인사동 (Insadong) after Xuan Rong, Karin, and I helped our friend Silvia move apartments.  They’re just lovely, but considering that it’s a vintage shop specializing in watches, they were out of my price range.

Another find in a window in Insadong.  I love this lit mobile of a school of fishes.  I’ve seen one very similar to it at Soom Island Cafe near Sogang.  I’m very curious as to how much it would cost, but dread the thought of taking something like this back to Canada.

This large Darth Vader lego man on the desk of the employee at the Immigration Office.  I was there renewing my student visa, and this little guy caught my eye.  I was very excited when the man processing my application had to leave to answer a phone call, because it gave me the opportunity to sneak a picture ^^

And finally, a new video by 악동뮤지션 (Akdong Musician)!!  A lot of their self videos keep getting taken down now that they’re on Kpop Star 2, so be sure to watch this while you can!  This is actually a cover of the song ‘Cinderella‘ by Seo In-young.  Which do you like better?

Till next time!


5 thoughts on “Things I loved this week: The things you find down side streets edition

  1. Wonderful! I was yearning to eat some sweet snacks bu t Idon’t quite like chocolate. This reminds me to get some sweet rice crispies ~ yum!

    And, I like those glowing fishes too! Can you find out how much it costs when you do get a chance?

    • Sure! The next time I’m in Insadong, I’ll try to ask them how much it costs. Such a neat piece, isn’t it?

      Korean chocolate has a real different taste from what I’m used to, and there is a dishearteningly lack of dark chocolate here ^^ Good thing there’s many other kinds of sweets to try!

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