Things I loved this week: the disgruntle spokesperson edition

It’s going to be a short TIL this week.  Due to the stress from my oral exam on Wednesday, I was either studying at home or haunting a coffee shop to do it.  Thusly, I didn’t get to do as much exploring or adventuring as I would have liked to.  Regardless, I still managed to find a few things to strike my fancy this week!  Here they are:

Every time I go grocery shopping I make it my duty to buy something new and different to try.  It’s usually a snack food or drink of some kind.  This week I bought these packages of 사과 라떼 (sagwa radde – apple latte).  I’m intrigued.  They also came in strawberry (딸기) and melon (멜론).  [P.S. 라떼 is an insanely hard word to properly Romanize!!  Neither ㄹor ㄸ are easily defined by ‘r’ or ‘dd’].  I also feel compelled by what is quite possibly the least enthusiastic spokesperson I’ve ever seen on any ad.  I think for next week I’m going to be looking for the most enthusiastic spokesperson to use as a comparison!

In order from left to right: Jean-François, Yoshihiro, Seonsaengnim (teacher) Kang Su-mi, Silvia, Karin (above), Kris (below), me, Patricia, and Xuan Rong.

Going on a field trip with my Sogang Korean Class!  On Friday (the 18th) we went to 육삼 빌딩/63 빌딩 [육 = 6 and 삼=3] (yuksam bilding – 6 3 Building) to watch a performance.  The yuksam bilding has 63 floors (thus aptly named) and is Korea’s tallest building – standing 264m.  We got to see a dance/bboy show called ‘Marionette’.  It was a lot of fun, even if I didn’t know what the announcer was saying between performances.  He did like to make googly-eyes at the front row though and kept saying ‘ooh baby’.  All in all, a good time ^^

Later that same Friday, I met up with some classmates for supper and celebrating the end of midterms.  While we were at 노래방 (noraebang – Korean karaoke ) this gem of a wifi name popped up.  I wonder what kind of upscale establishment was next door?  

I also bought these adorable 떡(dduk – rice cakes) at Emart.  Why have boring discs and tubes of dduk when you can have stars, hearts, moons, and dumbbells??!?!

This iridescent wall outside a 백화점 (baekhwajeom – department store).  I’m not sure which department store it was, but with the sun out today, it created a lovely rainbow of colours.

I like listening to SEOULFM or have the tv playing in the background when I’m at home.  Simply to keep Korean sounds on around me while I’m working/cooking.  When I heard the opening refrain of this song however, I had to stop cooking and open the website to make sure it was what I thought it was.  Well, colour me shocked!  It was ‘The Night Chicago Died’…or at least a rendition of it.  A quick look of the lyrics, and I discovered that only the beat and the name were the same.  Still, I’m still rather surprised that a song from 1974 by Paper Lace had been made into kpop song.

And, because I have so many fond  memories of jumping/dancing like an idiot around the house with my sisters to the song, here’s the original ballad of the St. Valentine Day’s Masacur.  (P.S. I’m using ‘ballad’ in the loosest of terms.  It tells a story, but isn’t slow.  This song is super catchy!)

Hyeon-jin took me to a place called ‘Goto Mall‘ with  on Saturday.  It was inside this mall that there was this wonderfully named fast-food stop.  Well!  Who can resist ‘stylish potato‘?  Not I, for one!

Here is our ‘stylish potato’.  We got the 폴라본 치즈 포테이토(polrabun chiju poteito – flavone cheese potato).  The regular size was 4,000원 and was a nice size for two people wanting to share a snack.  The cheese sauce was…okay?  Not great, and like a lot of things here, I found it to have more of a sweet taste compared to the more salty taste I associate with cheese back home.  Still, it was the first time I’ve had french fries since getting to Korea and it was a nice change of pace.

Till next time!

P.S.  Oh!  One more thing I loved this week…On Saturday night when I was grocery shopping  at Emart (because the stores were going to be closed on Sunday), I got a full on 45° bow by the greeter!!  Normally I get the head nod or ‘안녕하십니가/안녕하세요’ (Annyeonghashimnika/Annyeonghaseyo – both mean ‘hello’, but the first is more formal).  This is the first time I’ve been bowed to in Seoul.


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