Things I loved this week: The Die Hard edition

So, I’ve been neglecting my website over this last week.  It’s been rather stressful here, with three midterm exams between Wednesday and Thursday, and one to go this coming Wednesday.  But now I’m back with a new list of things I loved this week!  I’ll also have a post that’s going up either tomorrow or Tuesday about a restaurant that I visited on Friday called ‘Hongdae Kaljok’, so there’s that to look forward to ^^  On to the list!

First up (and only one actually relevant to the title this week):  Die Hard 5 is coming to Korea!!!  Die Hard 5, or better known as A Good Day to Die Hard is another instalment in the ‘Die Hard’ franchise…and is one of my favourite series of movies ever!  Don’t believe me?  Back in grade 11 of high school I definitely painted my room while listening to Die Hard 3 play in the background.  I’m super excited that I’m not going to have to wait 6 months to watch it back in Canada.

This isn’t so much a ‘thing I loved‘ as much as it a ‘thing I’m not really sure what it is, but is interesting none the less’.  Does anyone know what this is actually for?  From the looks of it, I think it’s for stretching out your mouth/smile…but why?

Finding living plants in one of the subway stations.  I don’t see a lot of greenery here (especially since it’s winter time), so it was a bit of a refreshing sight.

Whenever I go to study, I usually end up doing it at Cafe Pascussi (I’ve found one that serves coffee drinks for 3,850원 instead of 5,500원).  It was at Pascussi the last time that I noticed these little gems of a picture.  I asked my Korean friends what they meant since the Google translate machine couldn’t quite figure them out.  Turns out they’re actually more slang.  The first says “Today I am very sentimental.”   The second is going on about how angry he is that he has to keep studying (…at least that’s what I got out of Ji-hee explaining it).

We were looking for hair dye for my friend Jason when I came across this advertisement.  I have no idea what  witch hazel is used for, but it made me smile.

This was in the same drug store (Watsons).  These are actually Japanese eyeliners.  I love the vintage manga feel to them.

고구마 (goguma – sweet potato) Doughnuts!  I love the taste of sweet potato, and how they use it here in a variety of sweets and drinks.  Last Sunday Jason and I were going to check out the Emart that is one subway stop from our place…only to find out that it was randomly closed for the Sunday….As was Home Plus, and every other large grocery store.  Apparently these stores have a government enforced mandatory ‘closed’ days to help with the traditional markets here in Seoul…but I digress…Jason and I drowned our sorrows of not being able to get groceries by eating sugary doughnuts at the Baskins Robins right by the subway exit.  I’d call it a win.

That’s it for this week!  See you tomorrow/Tuesday with my story on pig’s feet ^^


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