Things I loved this week: The Food & Fangirl Edition


If I was to not find anything else this week, this would be enough!  When I first walked by them making it, it took me a second to read the hangul to see if it actually was takoyaki.  Takoyaki is a kind of Japanese  food.  No matter how I try to describe it, it’s going to sound weird…but here I go!  Essentially, it’s a piece of octopus dropped into a batter in a half-sphere mold that is hot.  Once the bottom of the batter is a little stiff, the person cooking comes along with two pointy sticks and shulfs the thing around until it’s upside down the the remaining wet liquid filling the cavity below.  They continue to cook until the ball can move easily in the mold.  They then take it, coat it in a takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise and put on a generous helping of dried bonito flakes.  Back at home in Saskatoon, I pay $7.95 for four pieces, and am happy to do it.  Here I paid 3,000원 for EIGHT!  I was sooo happy, I barely made it home before eating them.  Two some how mysteriously vanished on the walk.

I’m surprised this hasn’t made it into the TIL before this!  This is my Kim Su-hyeon (or Soo-hyun depending on which way you romanize it) mug that I got for Christmas from my friend Silvia.  I think everyone and their dog knows that I have a massive crush on Su-hyeon.  It’s definitely been mentioned more than once on here ^^
He’s so sweet, I just want to dip him in my coffee…wait….
I don’t want to say he’s a tall drink of water, but…wait…
(Sorry, bad puns are over ^.^)

Having an entire school of 붕어빵 (bungeobbang – fish shaped pastries)!!  You can get 10 mini ones for 2,000원 in the street in front of Ewha Woman’s University.  Coincidently, it was on my way to buy these that I came across the above mentioned takoyaki stand.

Trying my first Korean chocolate bar since arriving in Korea.  I’m surprised it took me this long, but I’ve been more enthralled by Korean cookies than by their chocolates.  It wasn’t too shabby.  It was kind of like a Korean version of an Almond Snickers…but one that wasn’t quite there.  More like a Snickers mixed with a 3 Musketeers bar.

Speaking of Korean cookies…Strawberry Oreos!!  I have never seen these back in Saskatchewan, and I regret every minute of that.  Chocolate-strawberry flavoured almost anything is delicious.  I stumbled upon these first at a 7/11 in the 대흥역 (Daeheung Station), but I got them for cheaper at the Daiso in the 이대역 (Ewha Woman Uni/Edae Station) –> two of these packages for 1,000원.   I’ve also tried the chocolate Oreos from Home Plus, and they were also good.

I like this ‘Information Kiosk’ for its striking resemblance to a tardis.  I think some Whovian in marketing snuck in a few ideas along the way.

Image belongs to E World News

Akdong Musician!!!  Omomomom!  I don’t think I can fangirl enough over these two!  I could try, but there wouldn’t be enough space on the internets.  They are a brother-sister pair (Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun; 16 and 13 respectively) on the SBS show K-Pop Star season 2.  They are insanely talented and write their own songs.  They’ve even released two singles (both of which have been played pretty heavily on repeat on my mp3 player).

For your enjoyment, here are some of their videos for your easy viewing pleasure!!

This is their audition in front of the judges.  Pretty much the jist of it is they were performing their cover of Miss A’s Breath, when Park Jin-young (of JYP) asks them to stop because he’s dying of curiosity about their original song.

I have this song on here a few times.  This version is one they put up before the show and I think it’s one of my favourites.  I think the girl (Lee Soo-hyun) is just adorable!


Another video pre-Kpop Star 2.

Here is their performance of ‘You’re Attractive’ on Kpop Star 2

**Update** So, sadly I couldn’t find another version of ‘뺏긴 내 밀봉 카스테라’.  I did however  find this equally cute video to take its place.

However, I’m still curious as to what 카스테라’ means!  I have yet to find a satisfactory translation of  ‘카스테라’….My best guess would have to be ‘castella’?  Castella is a Japanese sponge cake…so….if anyone knows the actual translation, please leave it in the comments below!!

This last video is a 한글(hangul)/English lyric vid for ‘You’re Attractive’, which I highly recommend (so funny!)!    Again…so much love!  I’ve never watched K-Pop Star, but I may have to start simply for them.

Yikes!  I didn’t realize how many videos I was putting in… oh well!  Hope you enjoy them! ^^

Till next time!


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