Kitty Cafe!!!

Text says ‘Please don’t scare!!’

*Content Warning Announcement*  The following post is going to riddle with cutesy-wootsy, snuggly-wuggly, plain ol’ adorable cat pictures.  If you do not want to view their cuddly awesomeness, then this may not be the post for you.  The following may induce ‘d’awwww-ing’ … You have been warned!’

Now on to the kitties!!

So, what’s a gal to do on a rather dreary day after four hours of class and had forgotten her visa renewal paperwork at home?  Go to a cate cafe!!

I first heard about the awesomeness of cat cafes though the wonders of the internets (it was practically designed for cat videos).  At first I didn’t believe them, despite the photographic evidence.  The sheer phenomena of it all was all too much for me.  A place where you could pay to get a drink and play with kitties?  It sounded too good to be true.  When Steven travelled to Korea last year to visit Jay, I sent him out on a mission to seek out the truth.  Do Cat Cafes exist?

They do!

Now, a full year later, I’ve made my way to Seoul.  It was only a matter of time before I went seeking out cuddly companionship.  I had found partial directions to a Tom’s Cat Cafe on the internet while at school (I couldn’t pull up my map to Cat’s Living on my phone) and was off to Daeheung Station.  From Daeheung Station, I transferred at Hapjeong to Line 2 and got off one stop later at the Hongik University Station (AKA: Hongdae).  The easiest way to get to Tom’s Cat Cafe would be to leave through Exit 9.  From there go straight to the first intersection.  You need to cross this intersection and go left up the street towards Hongik University.  At the top of the hill, where if you continue on straight any further you’ll be on the campus, take a right and start walking on the right hand side of the road.  Keep your eyes peeled on this road.  You’ll start to pass by shops, and the Tom’s Cat Cafe sign is a little inconspicuous is you’re not looking for it.

Once you find the sign, follow the little flyers and hike up the three flights of stairs.  Once you reach the top there will be a place for you to remove your shoes and put on a pair of house slippers.  The minute I entered the cafe, one of the workers was there waiting with hand sanitizer.  After hands were considered safe for kitty petting, one of the other workers who spoke very good English brought us to a closed off area where they made the drinks.  To go into a cat cafe you pay an entrance fee, which also includes a drink.  There wasn’t that much of a variance between prices of drinks.  I think it went from 7,000-8,000 원.

I ended up getting an apple cinnamon soda, and my friend Sylvia got a red velvet latte.  After we paid, they also gave us each a large plastic bag to put our bags, coats, or any other pieces of personal belongings we wanted into.  Apparently some of the cats like to spray their territory.  So not only do the bags keep the cat fur off of your coat, it protects it from ammonia!

Now it’s time for a kitty-cat montage:

Kitty 1

These twin Siamese Kittens were constantly fighting!

Who me?

Kitty-Overlord is unimpressed with your offering.


Be gone with you.

This little guy was my favourite!…despite his more…stand-off-ish attitude.  He’s  an adorable little grey stripped Scottish Fold cat.  I really, really want one one of these!  I think they are so cute.  Too bad they are so expensive and hard to find back in Canada ㅠ.ㅠ


King of the playground

Right here is by FAR the largest cat I’ve ever seen.  I think if it stood on the floor it could put its paws on the edge of the table!

nap time



Anyone else just want to snuggle with it?

They even had a tortie (tortoiseshell cat)!  It was sleeping the whole time I was there, but that didn’t stop me from petting it!

So, I’m sure you’ve all seen enough kitties to last for a while.  Thankfully this will be my last cat based post for a while (until the next kitty cafe!!).

Till next time!

P.S.  I lied.  ONE more sleepy kitty picture.

Warm kitty, soft kitty....


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