Things I loved this week – the Hodge-Podge edition

So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve made a TIL post.  I was either sick and never left my room or I had other posts that I wanted to make first.  But now it’s back!  Cutesy things for everyone!  Also, my Insadong post is back to being in full form, so feel free to check it out again in all of its original glory!

To start off the week, we have these lovely guys all dressed up for the season on the roof of Ssamziegil.  I think they may have been warmer than I was that day.

I found this sweater on the day Jason and I went out searching for our Christmas gifts for each other.  Originally we were going to buy 10,000 원 sweaters for each other, but ended up buying our own sweaters and getting each other a different gift (infinity scarf for him, crown ring for I)

On January 5th, I met up with Jason and a few of his friends for supper (we got Shabu Shabu).  And what better way to end off a meal in -10°C weather?  Why with ice cream!  We went to Snow Spoon in Hongdae.  Mine, to be precise, was actually a strawberry gelato sandwich, and it was awesome!  To have self serve yoghurt, it was 26원 per gram, and the sandwiches were 3,500원 each and came in so many flavours!  I wanted them all!  I got to try a bite of the dark chocolate cookie-green tea gelato sandwich as well and it was also delicious.

I spent New Years day watching episodes of Castle, shopping at Home Plus, and eating 떡만두국 (dduk mandoo guk – rice cake dumpling soup).  Whilst at Home Plus I saw this adorable car.  The little toy wind up on the top was very suiting.

I’m not completely sure if I actually like this…or am utterly terrified by him.  Either way, I call him The Coffee Kid and he’s found haunting the library portion of Soom’s Island coffee shop.

It’s an Easy-Bake Oven for adults!!  To be fair, it’s actually a mini convection oven and I found it at an Art Box.  I’ve really missed baking, and if this small portable convection oven hadn’t cost approximately $75 Canadian, I probably would have bought it.  On the practical hand it makes no sense for me to even want it….but on the other, more nostalgic hand….it’s an Easy-Bake Oven for Adults!!!

Today (Sunday, January 6th), I met with my language exchange partner 현진 (Hyeon-jin) and went to the Seoul National Museum.  We were there for the better part of five hours and only visited two of the three floors.  Between floors we got some coffee (which surprisingly was some of the cheapest coffee I’ve had in Korea).  On the cups they had this replica of the famous painting called Garedogam Uigwe.  The painting depicts the the wedding precession between King Yeongjo and Queen Jeongsun in 1759.

And lastly, getting this adorable picture from 혜진 (Hyeon-jin’s little sister) showing her and their mother enjoying the home-made chocolates (the ones I made from the nanaimo bar experiment) I sent with Hyeon-jin to share with them today ^^  It made my night!

Till next time!


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