Egg on my face

Well….imagine my surprise when I came to check on my blog today and discovered that half of my post from Insadong had vanished!  I’ve been having some trouble with the wordpress app on my phone and this is the second time it has deleted or altered a post on me.

Sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll try to have as close to the original back as soon as possible.  *grumble grumble wordpress grumble*.

On a side note, tonight should mark the break in unseasonably cold temperatures in Seoul!  It was down to -17°C without wind chill today and -14°C yesterday.  However, yesterday had viciously biting wind from Siberia, so I estimated the temperature was in the -20s.  I thought I left all of this cold weather back in Saskatchewan!

As a bonus while I retype almost 1000 words, here is another dinosaur comic!

Till next time!


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