Kimchi Bokumbap

I like to cook….preferably foods where I don’t have to touch raw meet, but that’s another story.  My favourite thing to cook at home is a plethora of soups.  Ask my sister…I think the month and a half I was at home before I moved to Korea, I made at least four batches of soup that were large enough to feed us for most of the week.  We also like to bake.  It’s one of our past times that we’ve always done together…that, or one of us will bake, and the other will eat ^^  It’s a lovely system.

As much as I’m enjoying being in Korea, I have to admit, the lack of oven makes me a touch sad.  There’s been a few evenings where all I’ve wanted to do is make cookies.  The last few shopping trips I’ve been subconsciously reaching for soup ingredients as well.  I wish I would have brought my chicken bullion cubes with me!  So, when the cooking itch got too big to keep ignoring, I went into the common kitchen and took a look at the free ingredients.  What could I make from rice, kimchi, korean pickles, ramyeon, and gochujang?  Why, Kimchi Bokumbap!  (Kimchi fried rice)

I took up a large bowl of rice and another smaller one of kimchi to my room.  I had onions, garlic, margarine (the version I got was made from corn oil instead of canola oil…so odd to me).  I didn’t have any meat in my fridge and was feeling too lazy to go out and get some, so I made a vegetarian version instead.

Melting a bit of margarine in my 5,000 원 frying pan (from where else, but Daiso), I proceeded to fry up the onions and garlic until tender.

Next the kimchi got dumped in.  I fried it on medium heat for maybe another five minutes.  I waited to see some of the cabbage turn a bit golden.

After the kimchi was all fried up, I put in the rice and mixed it all together.  I wish I would have had some extra kimchi juice to mix in, my rice was a touch on the dry side.

So, as the rice was getting crispy and fried up, I started to cook my egg.  There is a few different theories of how you can cook your egg for this dish.  Some people crack in a raw egg and let the hot rice cook it, others poach it and drape the egg on top, and others fry the egg and mix it all together.   I chose the last option.

Overall?  I was pleased with the taste of the rice, but I found that the corn-oil margarine had a strong smell that turned me off of the leftovers.  I’m not a huge fan of butter or margarine in general and only use it when I’m cooking.  I bought a small bottle of soybean oil, next time I’ll give it a try and see if I like the outcome more.

I want to try more Korean cooking, but I’m not sure what to try next.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Till next time!

P.S.  Completely not a Korean recipe, but I’ve discovered a wonderful Canadian recipe that I’d forgotten about that does not require an oven!  I’m totally going to make nanaiomo bars for Christmas!!  ….provided I can find cocoa powder, shaved coconut, icing sugar, and baking chocolate.  I get to go grocery shopping! ^^


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