Things I loved this week – Nommy Foods Edition

I love to eat.  I’m not the kind of girl who will go some place and only eat salad.  I’m all for trying out new foods and being adventurous   Granted, there are a few foods here in Korea that will take me a little bit of convincing to try (순대 – a kind of blood sausage or 산낙지 – live octopus).  I may forget to eat meals now and again when things get busy, but you can be guarantee that I’m excited to show off the food I’ve been eating in Korea.


First up on the block is probably one of my favourite street foods: 계란빵 (계란 = egg and 빵 = bread –> Egg Bread).  First off, I love kyeranppang.  It’s delicious, which is really all you need to know.  It’s essentially an egg surrounded by an almost sweet doughy bread.  So good!  I’ve seen them the most around Ewha University and Sinchon Station.

붕어빵 was one of the first foods I ate in Korea.  In Korea, 빵 even though it translates to ‘bread’ is actually more of a pastry than what you would expect from a traditional bread like what you would eat for breakfast.  Bungeoppang is a fish shaped pastry and is filled with either red bean, or this kind of custard cream (which, when my friend tried to explain it was to me she called it ‘sugar cream’) that reminds me a lot of vanilla pudding.  I like the red bean flavoured one better, but I just really like red bean flavouring.  You can usually get three 붕어빵 for 1,000원.

돌솥 비빔밥 is one of my favourite dishes along with 김치 찌개 (kimchi jjigae – kimchi stew) back home at the only Korean restaurant in town.  비빔밥 (bibimbap) is esentially mixed rice with vegetables, meat and gochujang (spicy red pepper paste).  The 돌솥 (dolsot) refers to the earthenware pot that it comes in.  You can also have just plain bibimbap but it doesn’t get that nice crispy rice crust at the bottom from the scalding hot pot.  Like many dishes in Korea, this too comes with an egg on top and you have to mix it all together.  It is wonderful!

호두마루 when put through the Google translating machine comes back with ‘Walnut Flooring’.  Thankfully the bottom of the bag also states ‘Walnut Soft  Candy’.  I bought these at a Home Plus as a treat for myself.  I think they came to be about 2,000원, but I can’t remember exactly.  They taste a lot like Walnut fudge (which I love) and come in small bite size form (which I love even more!  Fudge tends to make me sick if I buy it by the slice).

삼겹살 (samgyeopsal) is a pretty stereotypical Korean dish.  I know of a lot of people who got to Korea and this was the only dish they knew of.  Jason and I decided that we wanted to go and try some in Korea so we went to the restaurant next door and ordered some up.   My favourite part about our meal?  Right after they came and put in the flaming bricks and placed the grill down, they proceeded to pour a scrambled egg mixture with some 깍두기 (radish kimchi) in the rim along the grill.  As our pork was cooking, so was the egg.  I liked how this restaurant came with a ton of 반찬 (side dishes).

Another venture into the world of Korean barbecue, All You Can Eat BBQ!!  I went here for lunch today with my friend Sylvia from class.  It cost 9,900원 per person, and they threw in a free Coca-Cola for the two of us.  This was also my first time trying 볼고기 (bulgogi – marinated beefand 대박삼겹살 (Daebaksamgyeopsal – thinly sliced samgyeopsal).  I sometimes find samgyeopsal to be too fatty for my liking, so I actually really liked the thinly cut version a lot!.

Kind of a short post this week, and this is by no means the only food I’ve enjoyed in Korea…just the only ones I’ve managed to remember to take pictures of ^^

Now I need to go off and eat something ^^  Till next time!

P.S. As a small extra, I’m adding in a picture that completely made my day today.  Dinosaurs make me happy!


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