Accomplishment of the Week!~ Mastering the Washing Machine

I like to take my accomplishments in stride.  Every little victory for me is something to be excited about.  My list of these are wide and varied.  Like driving my car through rush hour traffic without getting a panic attack, passing that class in university I was almost completely sure I failed, or having my pumpkin doughnuts work out amazingly well the very first time I made them.  If I can’t be happy about success with the small things, I don’t know where I would be.

So, today’s accomplishment….drumroll…. Figuring out how to work my washing machine!!!!!

Mum, you can stop laughing now.

Now, let’s be fair….look at this thing.

While the basic principal is the same, it’s not something you can look at and be like ‘It’s okay…I got this!‘  The process itself wasn’t terribly hard, but figuring out what everything meant took a bit of time.  That, and I had to figure out that what I had under my sink was actually fabric softener instead of detergent, so I also had to run to the store to get actual laundry soap.

I had to start by finding out what each word on the dial meant.  Most of them make sense (Baby Clothes, Delicate, Standard, Synthetics, Wool) but I can only assume as to what the Bio and Life Well cycles are for.

The washer is actually very, very similar to the ones we have on the farm.  You turn the dial until you find the cycle you like, adjust your temperature and time if you so desire,  and you finish by pushing the big ‘play’ button.  Easy-peasy.

I don’t know if this is the way it works all over Korea, but in my building there are no dryers.  They have a bunch of clotheslines set up on the roof of the building for us to use instead.  Normally this would be great for me.  I never use the dryer at home unless its for sheets or towels.  But you see…we have a bit of a problem.  And that problem includes the temperature being below zero during the day.  Wet clothes + -5 degrees Celsius = icy shirts and socks.  Thankfully, I knew my way around this problem.  I did just as I did when I was living in Norway and was too cheap to pay the $5 Canadian to put my clothes through a dryer cycle.  I hung my clothes up all over my room!  I have socks from the drawers and my pants in the bathroom.

Drawer SocksOh, nostalgia…

So, while this may not be my most glamorous of posts… however, Mother you’ll be proud to know that I can now do my laundry in five different countries, and three different languages ^^

Till next time!

Now, according to the Google translating machine, this pleasant fella states: ‘Orin Protection Campaign’ and ‘Let the children inside the product please

Now, either there is a miscommunication here … or I really need to stop using Google translate for my every day life!


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