My walks down Edae


The area around Ewha Woman’s University (a private female only university and one of the largest schools in Korea) is filled with nifty little shops and cafes.  It’s really easy to get to the Edae area.  It’s a stop on Line 2 (green line) on the Seoul Metro (지하철 <– look at me practising my Korean! Woo!) called ‘Ewha Womans Univ’ in English, or 이대 in Korean.  You can take either Exit 2 or 3 to get to the main entrance.  Exit 3 is the one that takes you right past the Daiso entrance on your way out.

I haven’t spent as much time as I would have liked walking about there yet.  I’ve only had one good hour there when I was with Jason coming home from Daiso (Korean dollar store –> only the happiest place on Earth!!….or at least the happiest place in my head, which is kind of the same thing to me) and another thirty minutes with my friend Sylvia looking for backpacks because we found out we were going to have to take three text/work books to class on top of a notebook everyday.

Now, the second time it was raining really hard so, we also bought umbrellas.  And that rain brought forth a dump of snow the very next day.  Followed by slick, ice-caked streets.  So, I haven’t done too much more exploring yet.  This is mainly due to two reasons –> A-I don’t like the cold, and B- I’ve already fallen three times on the icy streets in my boots that hold no traction.  However, I’ve come up with a brilliant solution for this lack of exploration … new grippy boots!!!

Hopefully these wonderful 30,000 원 boots will keep me upright with my already astonishingly bad sense of balance.  I’ll be back to wanting to explore in no time!  In the mean time, I’ll show you a few of the awesome things about the Ewha area.

Ewha Woman’s University

First off, their campus is amazing looking!  I wanted to go and walk up to it to see it a bit better, but we were both carrying heavy bags with our purchases from Daiso and were actually only in the area to find some food before walking back to our home near Sogang.   Jason ended up picking up a cup of what we think was a mix of deep-fried chicken, with a tater-top thrown in and topped with cheese sauce.  I couldn’t find anything I wanted to start with, so I did the only responsible thing … I ate dessert first!

Candied fruit

I mean, look at this!  It’s like a candy apple, only with out the apple, and in bite size!  It was awesome!!

more candied fruit I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of candifying other fruits back home in Canada.  This pretty concoction of strawberries and grapes set me back 1,500 원.  Nearly broke the bank on this one 😉

Both the main and side streets of Sogang were pretty crowded.  Even on the rain day there was still a pretty steady stream of people going through the area.  It was there that I found the most awesome of awesome:  My kitty cat flats!  (as seen in the last ‘Things I loved this week‘ post)  I almost missed them too!  We were going to turn the street before, but I was distracted by the shiny red fruit shown above and made a sharp left instead.  When I made the turn, *bam* the shoes were sitting there waiting for me, all for the fantastic price of 15,000 원.  I bought them, and then bought my candy lunch.  Not only did I get a great haul at the Daiso, I got kitty-cat flats, and candified fruit.  My day was perfect.  Until it got even more perfect when we stumbled across this little guy:

Son Goku

Son Goku wants you to buy pretty jewellery

My day was complete.

I eventually counteracted the imminent sickness that was going to occur from consuming copious amounts of sugar without any real food in my stomach by finding the most delicious smelling pojangmacha (food stall) and ordering something from them.  The end result was this baby for 2,500 원 :

It was grilled chicken and green onion that they proceeded to slather with tasty sauce three times as they grilled it.  After that, they put on a sauce that I think was mayonnaise (only it didn’t really taste like it) and dusted it with cheese powder.  It was nommy.  I was happily content with how my day had turned out.

As a bonus, on the 15-20 minute walk back to our place we passed by this wonder:

paul's eleven

What’s so special about paul’s eleven?  In addition to a glorious Western Movie/Victorian Age mustache logo, they apparently weren’t quite sure what it was that they were selling.

waffle and something

I hope whoever followed up the fellow who purchased the one and only ‘waffle’ in the place had a better idea as to what the ‘something’ entitles on a menu than I do.

Till next time!

P.S.  I know my love of Daiso is clearly evident through my gushing in this post and others, but I just can’ t help it!  It’s so great!  Want to know more about Daiso?  Fear not!  Don’t won’t to know more about Daiso?  Too bad.  I will be doing a post about the wonder and joy that is contained in a Daiso at a later date.  I’ve just learned that there is a Five.Story.Daiso through Exit 4 of the Jonggak Station and I must visit it ^^

Look forward to it!

P.P.S.  Today’s date is 12.12.12, which is only the most awesome of dates!  Also, sadly, the last one of it’s kind until 3001.  Better enjoy it while you can!


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