Things I loved this week – the mostly Kitty-Cat edition

Before I start this week’s post, I just want to state that as of right now, Kisses for Kimchi has exactly 1000 page views!!~  And at least half of those views aren’t from ME!!!~  Victory is mine!

Hello, my name is Samantha and I have a confession to make…I love kitties!  I know, I know…this must come as a real shocker!   It’s something I’ve kept hidden for so long!  ^^  Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to move on to this week’s Lovely Things!

I saw these flats on my second day in some underground shopping center (of which I have yet to refind), but didn’t buy them because I didn’t have any cash on me.  Try as I might after that, I couldn’t find them again!  Jason and I were walking back from Daiso  (in the Ewha Woman’s University subway station) on Sunday and decided to walk back.  We were both kind of hungry so we went into the Ewha area looking for pojangmacha tents (usually orange coloured tents that sell cheap street food).  It turned into a meandering walk down the Ewha shops where I found these!  And they were only 15,000 won!  Sooo happy!

kitty book and pen

I have a feeling that Korea is not going to cure my cute notebook addiction.

circular horn-rims

…or my glasses one.

SOCKS!  Korea has an excess of cute socks.  From cute patterns, to kpop, to BATMAN, they have socks.  My new favourites are what I call my ‘Astronaut and Shark’ socks.   I’m pretty certain he’s supposed to be an old style diver man, but as far as I’m concerned, there are sharks in space!

Kitty Mug and Spoon

Another Daiso (AKA –> Korea Dollar Store.  I love you sooo much!)  purchase, my kitty cat mug!  It not only smiles at you, but it comes with a lid to keep your drink warm, and a spoon to mix your tea with.  (I’ve noticed a lot of teas here in Korea come in tubes of powder that you dissolve or in jars like Citron Tea (Yuja Cha / 유자 차) – a mix of yuzu/yuju citrus and honey.)

Finding bizarre new coffee drinks to try.  Like this Sweet Potato Latte at Tom N Tom’s Coffee!  (For the record, I think it was more like a steamer than a latte. I didn’t taste any espresso in it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t tasty.)  I also appreciate how every single coffee shop serves 녹차 라떼 (green tea lattes).


My new fuzzy pajama pants!  They say ‘HELLOMOMO’ on them and they were only 5000 won ^^  I have no idea who Momo is, but I’ll gladly take their place.

Maple Syrup from Canada!  Another ‘Things that broke my heart in Korea’.  So, 24,950원 is pretty much $25 for the set, which is a little pricey.  Going by bulk, it’s actually not a terrible deal (3,327 원 per 100 ml), but seriously!  What would I do with almost a litre of maple syrup?

Kitty Cuites

My new 고양이 (kitty) friends that took up residence on the top of my phone and are protecting my headphone jack from dust and debris.  Yay for mutualistic symbiotic relationships! *^^

…I wonder if my compulsion to stop and purchase every cat/kitten/kitty-cat piece of merchandise I see is due to the fact that I miss my two kitties back at home (*sniff*  Tomie and Currently-Awkwardly-Unnamed-Kitten-who-goes-by-Kitty) …. or that I just really, really like kitty-cat designs?  You decide! ^^

Finally, this one thing pretty much sums  up why I love Daiso, and Korea by proxy:

No words are needed for how awesome I think this is.

See you next week for a new list!


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