Things I loved this week – an intro to a cute Korea

I’ve been in Korea for one week now and will be starting school tomorrow.  I’ve also come to a conclusion: This is going to be harder than I thought….Korea has sooo many cute things, I just love them all!!!  ^^ But for this week, here are some of my favourites:

My new juice cup!  The extra bonus is that it came with a pink solid plastic straw and says ‘ HAPPY BEAR When you need someone remember that I’d be there’ and ‘I’m so glad we’ve found each other’.   Have you ever seen a cup so happy to see you?

Nanowrimo 2012 Winner

Winning Nanowrimo for my forth time!  Pulled through my 50,000 on the plane ride over, so I’m counting it ^^  Sadly, I ended with 52,000 instead of the 60,000 I was aiming for.  The minute I got to Seoul I lost my will to write and simply wanted to go exploring instead!  Ah well, next year 60,000…I’m coming for you!

Making the ‘shock shock’ hands gesture the same time as Jason, as we heard ‘Shock’ by BEAST in a store as we passed by it.  I have no photographic evidence to prove that this happened, but let me assure you, dancing in the streets does occur.  (If you’re interested, you can Youtube search ‘Shock’ by BEAST and it’s from 1:18-1:27)

Being offered a small pack of instant keopi (coffee) by the ahjusshi (older gentleman) at my house as I was making my daily rent payment (I opted for paying off my entire rent instead of putting down a $4000 deposit).

Kim Soo-hyun

Finding a 김수헌 (Kim Soo-hyun) calendar that is 98% a picture of him, and 2% a small row of numbers along the bottom edge.  (Do you see the numbers?  I barely do either.  I don’t know about you, but I call this the best birthday month e-va! ^^)


Finding peanut butter in Korea!  This also falls under the ‘everything that broke my heart in Korea’ category.  Each jar is almost $7 Canadian  ㅜㅜ

Getting these cute Rilakkuma keyboard stickers for my laptop.


Super cute earrings for only 1000원 each! (~$1)

Etude House

Making it to my first Etude House in real life ^^  (My favourite Korean make-up brand)


FINALLY finding bedding after three nights without.  Look how cute that little flower blanket is!  It was 9000 won, and I may have a hard time leaving it when I move back to Canada.

Door wall …

coloured stairs

…and coloured stairs in Hongdae.

That’s it for now!  See you next week ^^


9 thoughts on “Things I loved this week – an intro to a cute Korea

  1. hi, i’ve been looking around for keyboard stickers with hangeul on them just like the photo you posted. i’m over at ewha by the way, do you happen to know of shops that sell those nearby? thanks!

    • Hi there! I know occasionally the Daiso right in the Ewha subway has them, as does a shop (who’s name I have forgotten, whoops!) right in Ewha. If you walk from the subway towards the university, take a left right before it. As you walk down that street you’ll come across a multi-story shop on the left hand side. There was a large pink shoe statue right in front (but not sure if it’s still there) as well as usually a lot clothes for sale in front. The shop is filled with wonderful knick-knacks! If you can’t find any there let me know and I’ll give you the directions to the place in Myeongdong 🙂

      • hi, thanks for the reply! i went to both daisos (by the subway in ewha and in sinchon) as well as the shop with the fabulous large pink shoe (it’s still there!) but unfortunately, no keyboard stickers. i’d appreciate the directions to myeongdong, maybe i can go by this weekend. thanks a lot! by the way, is it quite far from here? (:

      • Not far at all! 🙂 It’s about 25 minutes by subway (of which I recommend you download a good subway app (I have the one by Boong inc. It’s great because it works off line as well)). Do you need directions to Myeongdong? When you get to the subway, leave through exit 3. Immediately outside the station to your left is a small benched area (to the right is the road). On the right hand side part of the park is a GS25 and on the left was a hotel if I remember correctly. Walk the road on the right. You’ll keep walking up this road until you’re about half way up. If you reach a set of wooden stairs…you’ve gone too far. The door to the shop will be on your right. It’s a glass door with a fairly small sign above it, but it’s noticeable because it writes words like KPOP in English and Japanese. You’ll know you hit the right place if you have to go down a flight of stairs. I ‘think’ the shop is called Hot Shop, but I am not at my home right now so I can’t double check 🙂 Let me know if you find it! Are you at Ewha to study Korean?

  2. hi again, so I was incredibly busy during the weekends so I wasn’t able to go by Myeongdong but I did use my newly downloaded subway app to go to Yeongsan (or is it Yongsan haha) to get a phone and there I stumbled upon a store selling computer stuff. I was gunning for simple black or white stickers but then the only available ones were colorful hello kitty’s and paul frank’s!(: thanks again for the suggestions, i’ll be posting my before and after netbook keyboard photos soon. i’m in ewha for graduate studies and at the same time, learning Korean. (:

      • nursing sciences, and i bought the paul frank stickers actually. i’m still getting used to the burst of color that greets me whenever i open my netbook but i have to say they are incredibly cute(:

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