I made it!


Phew!  It was one of those days where, despite the lack of sleep, I was just too wired to get to bed.  I must have looped Sinchon twice!  It was wonderful though!  I can’t wait to go shopping there when I’m in the right state of mind.  Sooo many cute cute things!

Flight from Amsterdam to Incheon

So, I spent all of Sunday/half of Monday travelling from Dublin to Seoul.  I made a momentary scare when I had to run all the way from the D terminal to the E terminal in Amsterdam in fifteen minutes….not fun…also made me a bright red cheek mess for the security people, but I made it!  My flight from Amsterdam to Korea was pretty good.  I had a window seat, which was alright.  Normally I prefer an isle seat, because I get really stiff knees and this way I can get up with out disrupting anyone.  I sat with a pair of Dutch girls who were nice and smiled at me, but neither spoke any English.  They also both went right to sleep after the meal.  It made it really hard to get out and walk around, but I can’t complain!  I managed to write 4466 words before my battery died.  That also topped me over my 50,000 words for Nanowrimo, so yay!

The meal wasn’t bad … but I had heard of a lot of people who got bibimbap (mixed rice, vegetables, and meat with chili paste) on their flights to Korea and felt only just a touch gypped that I got chicken teriyaki.  Still, tasty, and the breakfast was one of the better ones I’ve ever had on a flight.  The eggs were good and the fruit salad was not soft at all.

So, after a 10 and a half hour flight I landed at the Incheon International Airport.  It took roughly half an hour to get my bags and get through customs.  I then had a great treat, my friend 류지희 (Ji-hee) met me at the airport and helped me get settled!

 It was so nice to meet her in person after talking so long through kakaotalk (what I’m using to keep in contact with everyone back home).  She is so cute and nice!  She helped me get my train ticket to Daeheung and carried one of my heavy bags so I didn’t have to take all of them.

Finding my place to live was super easy.  The instructions were spot on.  My room is cute, even if it is a touch small; nothing I can’t live with though!


After we spent an ordeal trying to find a global ATM that would take my card, and finally paid off half of my rent (I had a limit on my card, so I’ll pay the rest tomorrow) we went walking around to find a place to eat.  Before long we had walked all the way to Sincheon from my house!  I can’t wait to go back with a camera and take a lot of pictures.  I feel like I’m over using the word ‘cute’ in my blog.  I’m going to need to invest in a thesaurus.  Regardless of my vocabulary inadequacy, the area around Ewha Womans University (which also has a highly rated Korean Language Program) is just adorable with so many cute tiny shops filled with all those things that makes my heart a flutter.

For supper I had doenjang jjigae (soybean soup) which was really delicious….even with the scary whole sardines in it (fish with eyes and heads terrify me) and after 지희 bought us both a bungeoppang (fish shaped pastry filled with red bean or cream filling).  I didn’t have my camera on me so no pictures, but I’ll start doing that soon!

After 지희 and I parted ways (she lives in Incheon) I unpacked a bit and met up with Jason who is also living in the same building as me and will be attending Sogang starting on the 3rd of December.  I think we’re going to get along quite well … after all, anyone who likes U-KISS is alright by me ^^  We went for a walk around again and he showed me where I could go to find an ATM that would work and pay out the amount I needed instead of running around to three different machines like I had done earlier.

All in all, that was my first day in Korea.  I had a great time, and my fear vanished once I made it through customs.  I hope to do some more exploring before class starts, and find a place that sells bedding so I can get a blanket for my bed ^^

On the walks I also found a place I need to go!!

A knitting coffee shop!! I am so excited!! (if you couldn’t tell by my excessive use of exclamation marks ^^ °)

Till next time!


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