**Sigh**  I had wrote a great post about the rest of my time in Ireland up to my flight to Korea while I was on the plane yesterday, and today I accidental deleted it when I tried to refresh my wordpress 😦  So, I’ll redo my post again later, but right now I just want to get to sharing all the awesome things that are happening in Korea.  So, to compromise  I’m introducing a new segment to the blog!  Every week (probably on a Sunday –> end of the week) I will put up a post filled with pics of all the things I just loved about that week that don’t really fit anywhere else.

This time I am doing the first one for two weeks to fully encompass my trip in Ireland.  Since there is nothing more really to add, so let’s get started!

First up, the Heatable Hooty!  May I start off by saying le d’awwwww!  Who wouldn’t want a cuddly pink and floral printed owl that you can throw into the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes for fuzzy warmth?  Not I, for one.  Adding to the adorable factor, it was only 10 euros!  I have dubbed her Fionnuala (a lovely Irish name with a bewildering spelling).  She will make a wonderful addition to Elliot the 48″ diameter octopus and my tiger kitty named Kitty.

I think most, and certainly one of my sisters would agree with me that this is awesome … they put their CHOCOLATE BARS in the HEALTH FOOD isle.  Enough said.

Eating jelly doughnuts (5 for €1) and cappuccinos on the way to Belfast.

Riding aboard The Enterprise to North Ireland.  Somebody in marketing in that office was a treckie!


FINALLY getting a hippopotamus for Christmas!! For only £7 at the Christmas market … I have dubbed him Féilim (another Irish name…evidently I like the F names).

How ALL the doors in Ireland are different colours!  These ones are red, blue, yellow, but there is also purple, pink, green, hues in between …. every single door in Ireland was a different shape and colour.  I just loved the uniqueness of it.

Not really about Ireland, but I found it while I was here.  It’s this awesome website called Written? Kitten! .  Essentially you use it as a rough word document, and every 100 words you write you’re rewarded with a new kitty-cat picture!!!!!  Who needs more motivation for writing than that? *I need some kind of ‘awwww’-ing giddy fangirling smiley to insert here*


And last but not least, having ‘slightly effervescent water’ (AKA: sparkling water) everywhere!!!

See you next week with a new list and in the next few days with my first Korea posts!


Things I loved this week: Part 1 – the Irish segment

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