Leaving on a Jet Plane … take 1


So, today I start my adventure to Korea…kind of, sort of…

You see, I’ve decided to take the long, extended version of this trip.  One that will cover probably more then 3/4 of the globe.  From Canada, I fly over the Atlantic Ocean to arrive in Ireland.  I’ll be staying there for 2 weeks, and then will flying over Europe and Asia to get to Incheon, Korea. Eventually when I plan to come home, chances are I’ll be coming over the Pacific Ocean back to Canada. I guess this is my way of traveling around the world ^^

Go big or go home, right?

It’s been a busy last week in Canada.  Saying good-bye to all my friends and family can be heartbreaking.  But on the other hand, it is hard to hide the excitement over the upcoming journey. My mum took me to get my nails done for the first time as a Christmas gift, I got a new haircut for the airport, and last night I went out for supper and to are the new James Bond movie with some great friends. I had a really good weekend.

All said and done, I just finished checking in and had a 52 pound bag (of which I got no over weight fees!! ^^ ) and an insanely heavy carry-on with more electronics than most people have on their house.  I have a couple long layovers, but I should be arriving tomorrow, approximate 24 hours from right now. 

It’s a good thing my family was providing a wonderful distraction for me yesterday, because now I have two day’s worth of writing to catch up on my flights ^^

Yay for long journeys!

Till next time!


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