I have my flight!

Not only have I booked my flight (yay!), I’ve also opened a new page on my blog (if you haven’t noticed it yet already)!  If you’re at all interested in Korean dramas or movies (from henceforth titled ‘kdrama and kmovie’), I’ll be constantly updating the list of the ones I’ve seen and which ones I recommend.  Check it out if you like and certainly feel free to give your own two cents.  I’m always looking for new series or movies to check out.  Maybe there will be one on my list that you’re interested in as well.
Now back to the flight….

I’m always nervous booking a flight anywhere.  It doesn’t matter if I’m 120% confident that I’m going, the initial booking of the flight freaks me out.  I think it’s the extra $xxxx I see at the end of my credit card statement that adds to it.  After a few good recommendations from people I know, I now have a bit of a list that you can look at if you need some ideas about booking a flight.

I had a lot of options…going through a travel agent, seeing how far my air miles could take me (not far enough), or doing self searching through the many numerous travel websites.  I chose the long and tedious latter option.

In the ended up going with Momondo for leading me to the actual website where I booked my flight from.  Unlike some of the multi-search sites, momondo offers you the choice of ‘one-way’, ‘return’, and ‘multiple destination’ flights (another travel website that does this would be Expedia).  If you needed to, you could also search hotels and car rentals.  Unlike Expedia though, momondo follows suit of other multi-search comparison sites (one of the most common example would be Kayak) and searches several travel websites for differently priced options.  When I start searching for a flight, I research several different websites.  I always want to find the best flight for the cost (for example, I would pay up to an extra $300-500 to NOT get a flight under United Airlines…I had a really bad experience with them on my trip to Japan.).

I ended up booking my flight with Flight Network.  I’m pretty happy with how easy the website was to use.  They also offer ‘Price drop guarantee’; so if the price does go down, I’ll get reimbursed.   One thing I didn’t like was how someone from sales of the company called the day after and tried to push extra flight cancellation insurance on me.  Other than that, I look forward to seeing how my experience with KLM (the airline I’m flying with) will be.

Korea, I’m coming for you!….on November 26th ^^

Till next time!


3 thoughts on “I have my flight!

  1. Waaah I am so nervous. I haven’t received my letter yet and I still need to get my VISA and stuff. Guh. Insurance too. Just everything.. GUHHHHH

    • Call them!!! If you’ve waited more then 10 days, call and ask for it. They will put it in the mail that day. I know how stressful it can be!
      I got your email ^^ I’ll send a reply soon.

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