Figuring out insurance

I figured it was time to make a post, but alas, I haven’t done too much lately in terms of getting ready for Korea…unless you count watching As One last night, because in that case I’ve been getting 10 kinds of ready!

All joking aside, I haven’t been standing idle.  I’ve heard back from Sogang, and they received my tuition, so, Yay!  It is now really official, no backing out now.  I am leaving for Korea. I am just waiting on getting my acceptance letter in the mail.  So once that happens, I’ll write more about applying for the D-4 Visa.

So, I considered this part one of the more intimidating steps…finding the right health coverage!  dun, dun…DUN!!! (In my head this all sounds much more dramatic than I could possibly ever write it to be.)  This marks the first time I’ve had to find health insurance on my own.  Before this I had been covered under my work’s health plan, and before that I had been a student under my parent’s plan.  It was now time to embark on finding my own coverage.

I took a Blue Cross form from my local SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance.  If you’re from another province you’d have to find your insurance forms somewhere else.) and started to fill it out.  Helpful hint ~ if you are going to go with Blue Cross and you are confused, it is much easier to just go to their headquarters and talk to a representative…that’s what I ended up doing.

As it turned out for me, it didn’t make a lot of sense for me to join into a full plan for Saskatchewan residences.  Not only would I not be in Saskatchewan, I wouldn’t even be in Canada; so it was a negatory on the provincial health plan.  Instead, the lovely Blue Cross lady that I met with recommended simply going with the International Student Plan.  It isn’t as all-encompassing as a regular health plan; it mainly covers accidental and emergency acts.  But, I am of sound health, and for only $30 a month, I figure that it isn’t that bad of a deal.

There is a flaw in this plan, however…My problem is that I can only use it when I am in school.  This means I am without any health insurance until I get to Korea.  I need to see if there is any good short term plans for the next two months.  I feel a touch paranoid that I am going to smash my teeth out and have nothing to cover them.

Sorry for the short post, but I hope it gives some people a starting point to finding out what kind of insurance they will need.  If you’re from Saskatchewan (however unlikely that is) you can check out the Blue Cross website here.  Good luck!

Till next time!


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