The Application


Sogang University

I had been a constant lurker on the Sogang website for a while. As was I on the Yonsei, Ewha, and Seoul National University pages.  From this lurking I have only one thing to say about the applicaion process at Sogang…it is by far one of the easiest and most straight forward application I have ever seen.  Not only is the application itself very staight forward, the university also provides you with a handy .pdf that has a lovely flow chart showing the steps to follow.  The fact that they don’t require an application fee until after you’ve been accepted is a nice added bonus for anyone who is uncertain if they actually want to attend one of the courses in Seoul.  You can check out their KLC (Korean Language Center) webpage here.  The application is all digital and the link is on the left hand side of the main page.

Like I stated above, the application is very easy.  The most difficult thing you require is the knowledge of your passport number and the time to fill out the nine “all about you” boxes.  It took me approximately a half an hour to fill out the entire form and submit it.  The deadlines are approximately a full month before the semester starts.  If you want to attend the winter 2012 semester, you need apply by the end of October.

One of the things that did bother me about an otherwise smooth application  to the Sogang KLC was the slow (re:lack) of communication I was able to draw out from the administration.  You see, once you finish filling out the application form and click ‘submit’, you’re directed to the next page where it asks you to pick an interview date.  Myself, and others from what I could tell from other blogs, were unable to select a date.  This led to a considerable amount of worry for me.  I was uncertain that my application would be processed without it.  I sent off a series of emails with this very question, but never recieved an answer.

It all turned out for the best though, and 16 days after I submitted the form, I got an  email stating that I had been accepted to study at the KLC starting on December 3rd for the Winter 2012 semester.  The flow chart states that you will be notified one week after applying, but it was closer to three for me.  It may have had something to do with the fast approaching fall semester.

That covers Steps 1-3 on the provided flow chart.  To move on to the next step, I will need to pay off the tuition for the semester (1,575,000 won or ~$1374.09 Canadian.  60,000 won of that payment is a one time application fee), get my official Acceptance Letter (which is required for the Study Visa), book my flight, and apply for a Visa.  I’m off to the bank today actually to pay my tuition, so we will see if there is any difficulties with it there.

Till next time!


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