Lets begin!

The very excited me

I’m off to have an adventure, I hope you will join me! Like any first post, this one is going to be rough, so I hope you’ll bare with me.

My name is Samantha, and I am a koreaphile.

To be more accurate, I am a geologist with a long running passion for anything and everything Korean. I blame my addiction on youtube’s radom suggestion page. If it had never recommended that first kpop song to me (Big Bang’s Haru Haru) all those years ago I may have still been blissfully ignorant to all the wonder that is Korean culture.  It may have all started out as a simple kpop obsession 4 years ago, which then morphed into a full-fledged Korean drama addiction, and eventually transformed into a passion for the language and culture.

Which is where we meet.  It was a year and a half ago that I made the conscious decision that, come Hell or high water, I was going to learn Korean. It took a few false starts for me to realize that for me to fully dedicate myself to learning Korean, I was going to have to throw in my all.  I wanted to learn the language and practice it everyday.  Now, tell me….where better to do that then in Korea itself?  A quick check to my savings to make sure it was possible, and I was off!

I scrounged the internets for information about schools within Korea that taught Korean language courses.  I eventually decided that Sogang University would probably be the best fit for me, with an empasis on practicle speaking skills versus a heavy grammar based course.  I must have applied three times before I got the acceptance email for my first application. Now, from what I can tell, I don’t think I needed to worry (I think most of the Korean Language Programs are not that fussy when it comes to letting people in), but I really, really wanted to get into Sogang!  When I finally got my acceptance I did a little dance around the core shack where I was logging core. It was finally official, I was going to be moving to Korea for an undiscerned amount of time!!

So, this leads to the purpose behind this blog.  Not only do I want to share my experiences in Korea with you (because I really, really want to), I also want to help you also get to Korea.  Now when I was applying and trying to get information on what you need to do, I had a hard time finding everything.  So, over the next few posts I’m going to provide walkthroughs; from the actual application to Sogang, to what you need to do after you’ve been accepted.  Visa, housing, and getting there, I want to help other international students have an easier time than I had.

If you have any questions or better advice, please do not hesitate to comment. After all, this is my first time going through all this and my first time in Korea.

So, Let’s Go To School!! (Anyone catch the reference? …no?)


2 thoughts on “Lets begin!

  1. As your first post on Here i want to say good luck Sam learning Korean and on this blog. Eat lots of tasty food for me and bring me back song Sam dong 🙂
    Nicole !!!

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